Saturday, January 2, 2010

Where to begin...

My mind is running a million miles a second trying to figure out a way to get it all on my blog. I've been away a while. I left, with kids in tow, on the 11th of December, and got back yesterday. My "vacation" was good. The reason I have quotes around vacation is because to me, a vacation would be no cleaning, no cooking, not having to take care of the kids, ect. Of course, I at one point, had to do all three. Not that it was a huge issue, but it was a little stressful at times for me. I started off going to my Dad and my Stepmom, Melissa's, house in Frisco. They have a gorgeous house, but at times it feels a bit like a museum. I had to get onto the kids more than I have in a long time, just because I was so paranoid that they would break something. And who wants their parents getting onto your kids? I certainly don't. But it was nice to visit, and hang out with them. I got to do a little shopping, and I also got to drive Melissa's bmw. I know which car I want as soon as the kids are out of the house...I would love to have one now, but its not exactly conducive to my life, lol. It was very fun to drive, and beautiful, and clean, and I loved every second of that. Even if I was entirely afraid I would do something to it and have to pay for it. Luckily nothing happened, and all was good in the world. I was at their house for a few days, then we all got on a plane to go to Cozumel, Mexico. We were leaving from Texas when it was semi cold, so of course, we all get there and are immediately drenched in sweat. It sure was gorgeous though. The ocean, the breeze, the trees. We arrived at their newly built house, which is absolutely AH-MAZING btw, and as my Dad is unloading suitcases, his car got ran about fun. Needless to say, that took a good portion of the rest of the day. The girls and I settled in, and looked at the ocean for most of the day. The pool was icky when we first got there, so we couldn't swim, but it would have been a welcome relief with the weather as warm as it was. Luckily, Dad and Melissa have internet and cable at their house, so everyone was sated well enough. A few days after being there, we went back to the airport to pick up Paul. He came in from Augusta, after being in BNCOC (which he got Distinguished Honor Grad, and I'm super proud of him for it). We got to do some sightseeing, and it was a relief to have him there to help with the kids and every day life. To have someone else, so close to talk to, and to relate to, was also very nice. Unfortunately, right after Paul got there, the northern started to come in, and the ocean got choppy, and it started cooling off and getting rainy. We didn't get to go to the beach to swim, but we were able to let the girls swim for a while, and we also hiked a little bit to see some Mayan ruins. Very interesting, and nice to be able to be outside. Too soon, we came back to Texas.
My Mom picked us up on the 21st, and we spent the rest of the time with her. We definately were able to relax more, she definately doesn't have a museum for a house, lol. As a matter of fact, she hardly has anything in her house. But she had enough for us to enjoy ourselves. We were able to get food that we have been missing so much, we were able to hang out, shop, and we even got to go to a few movies. Paul and I saw Avatar by ourselves, that was really nice, and talk about one kick ass movie. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing that movie with him. We watched it in 3D, and I was absolutely amazed at the detail. We will be buying that movie. Another movie we saw while there was the Princess and the Frog. The girls really enjoyed that movie, and we will probably be buying that one as well. We had a wonderful Christmas, my Mom got the girls some games, movies, toys, clothes. I got my new Kindle, of which I'm extremely enthusiastic about, although I really wish I hadn't bought some books while visiting my Dad. Just a few more books to read, and I'll be able to start reading on my kindle. Paul got some video games that he can't wait to try. And overall, it was a good visit. Of course, I got a little cranky, its not my house, so I had no control over the heat in the house, and I got really hot fast. I also felt dirty at my Moms house because she lives in the country, on a dirt road, that was completely mud. But it was still a good visit. Paul and I did get to rent a car and head down to Fort Hood to check out the area. I really want to live in Harker Heights, its the nicest area around there, and its where I'd like to end up, if we can, but its not the cheapest, so that will have a lot to do with what we choose, or where we choose to end up. My Mom took us to Medieval Times at one point, and that was really fun, the girls had an absolute blast. We hung out with my little sister, and played games one night, all of us drank too much tequila (we finished off a bottle of Patron, and went a little into another bottle that we brought back from Mexico). We even talked my mom into taking a shot....lets NOT do that again, lol.
Yesterday, well all of yesterday for me, the 1st and the 2nd, we were on our way home. Paul forgot his suitcases at my Moms house, so he couldn't stay with us, but we managed on our own. Luckily the girls aren't so needy that I have to entertain them the whole time. We went to one of the shops, got some water, played their video games, walked around, I got some lunch (they weren't hungry), and waited for our flight. Our flights gate changed, and was out of the EXACT same gate that we left in when coming here originally. That was kind of neat. The flight got delayed twice, it was supposed to leave at 2:35, then 3:00, and finally at 3:30. I probably would have gotten some sleep if the girls had let me, but they were having to go potty, or needing something out of their bags, or something else. So I really didn't get much sleep. Sierra was getting cranky and I made her sleep, but Autumn wouldn't have it, and was awake the entire time. We managed to make it to Frankfurt, and we were one of the first people out of the plane, one of the first through the passport check, and one of the first at baggage claim. Unfortunately, we were waiting on our big red bag, and it was literally one of the last ones out. I don't remember seeing anyone else waiting for their bags. The only good thing about that, was that we were able to skate through customs, it was much easier going through customs in Germany than anywhere else that we've gone. We made it outside, and my phone wouldn't work. I couldn't call Lauren, so we started walking, I finally found the van, and she had ran in to check on the flights, so we just waited. She came out, we loaded up the van, and headed back. It was so nice to catch up with her. I missed her, and I'm unsure how I'm ever going to move away from her in the future, lol. We'll just have to keep calling each other. I'm glad she was the one to pick me up and drop me off though. We came home, and of course, I have to park, FOUR freaking cars down from the parking space I used to have. I hate that. For two years I've parked in the same spot, we were the only people with two vehicles. This year, everyone in the building now has two vehicles with the exception of one couple. So now the parking is a madhouse. I feel guilty for taking my old parking space back too, because one of my neighbors has three small children, and I feel that she should have that space, at the same time, I had bags to unload, groceries to unload, and I was too tired to deal with it any other way. I did manage to get to the commissary and buy a few things for us to eat. It won't last us very long, but it works for the time being.
We made it home, I unloaded groceries and more bags. We had 6 bags that we checked, and three that we carried on, and somehow I was able to unload every single bag yesterday. We all fell asleep for a few hours, then I woke everyone up, we ate pizza for dinner, and watched Snow White, then we watched Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure together. I managed to put almost everything away. The girls toys, their clothes, all of the souvenirs I had with me. The only thing I didn't get to, was all of my clothes, they are all kind of just sitting outside of my closet right now. Lauren and Dean also came by, I was almost asleep at this point though, and didn't even get up, I feel bad, lol. They dropped off Brody. He had to get used to the house and figure out where he was, but once he did, he curled up on me, and stayed with me. When we finally went to bed, around 10 last night, I went to the bedroom, attempted to read, fell asleep and Paul had called to tell me when his flight would be in. I guess they changed everything around for him, and now he's coming in much later than he was originally. Thats fine, I wasn't entirely sure I'd be up in time to get him anyway, and any more sleep I could get without having to worry about it was very needed.
I did wake up a few times in the night, but fell asleep soon after. Brody stayed curled up next to me the entire night. Usually he doesn't sleep with me the whole night like that, he'll make his rounds, eat something, but last night he stayed right next to me all night. He must have really missed me. I did wake up at 5 am this morning though, and while I'm still tired, I can't seem to sleep, so I woke up, took a shower, and here I sit. I did weigh myself. A shocking 208.4 came onto the scale. I'm trying to ignore it, but I can't. I have a plan in place for getting myself back to where I was. I'd like to start getting back to the gym consistently and eating well again. I'm sure that some of it is just water retention from the flight, pizza, and not getting nearly enough water yesterday. But I'll make it. Speaking of which, I have to go get some breakfast ready, I'm going to be eating some bran flakes, banana, and ff milk this morning for breakfast. I'll have to wake up the girls soon and get them ready to pick up Paul. Hopefully today won't be as tiring as yesterday was, and I'll be able to get a few things done.

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