Friday, February 17, 2012


Today, I'm thinking about my husband.  We haven't been able to talk for quite a while due to phones being out, or other circumstances that haven't been allowing us to speak online or on the phone.  Its bringing me down, to an extreme.  I'm used to talking to him at least once a week, and not knowing when he can call, or not knowing the next time I'll talk to him is dragging me way down.  So I wonder, what did women do a few years ago when phones and internet access was hardly there?  I know they wrote letters, and that is similar to what I do, I email him just about daily, and if it wasn't available, I would be sure to write to him.  Email is faster though, lol.  But how did these women survive?  Rarely did they receive mail back and half the time most of it was blacked out.  Its crazy to think of what technology has done to the world.  We are extremely spoiled, we have cars, tv's, internet, cameras, toys, video games, and so many other avenues of technology that its a wonder that people still need companionship.  I do though, it sucks not hearing from him.  Maybe if I had gone into the deployment knowing I probably wouldn't hear or talk to him, things would be a little easier.  Maybe if I could have been prepared the last time I talked to him that I wouldn't hear from him again for a few weeks.  Who knows.  What I do know, is that I feel down, depressed, and the only thing that helps is my support network.  Friends, and family that can be there for me.  I hate to be a burden though.  I don't like asking for help, or asking for someone to hang out with me, I sound desperate, but its times like these that I really need friends.  Mainly people going through the same things.  You'll see Army wives usually hanging out with other Army wives that their husbands are deployed, or a clique of Army wives whose husbands are home.  Commonalities aren't hard to come by.
I have, at least, 7 more years of this though.  I'll have to say goodbye to old friends, and make new ones all the time.  I'm grateful for the ones that I do make though.  Overall, Army wives are some of the most caring people I've ever met...with the occasional nutball, but we ALL have to be a little crazy in order to survive this life, right?