Monday, August 16, 2010

Lean Cuisine review...

The other day when I was at the store, I saw this package from lean I love lean cuisines, and so I figured I would try this new one that they have on the shelves.

 I bought the Chicken Margherita as pictured.  First of all, it was really simple to make.  You throw in the in microwave for about 5 minutes and voila, its done.  I emptied it into a bowl, put a little Parmesan on top, and let it cool so I could enjoy my lunch.  The first bite was delicious.  The pasta is cooked just right, not crunchy and not too soft, which in my opinion is al dente!  The spinach added a nice touch, the tomatoes were delicious, and then we get to the chicken.  The first bite of chicken was only okay, I thought maybe the chicken didn't go along too well with the whole meal over all.  Of course, maybe it just had more seasoning than the others.  It also had cartilage and or fat with it.  I can't stand eating meat that isn't primarily meat.  I don't like cartilage or fat in my meats.  So it wasn't the greatest experience for me.  I've noticed that a lot of frozen foods do this though.  Overall, this meal was delicious, and a great filling meal when you are trying to watch what you eat.  It was easy, fast and convenient.  It could be cheaper, but what out there couldn't be?  Overall it was great, and I would eat it again, I'd even recommend it.  Just be careful of the lean cuisine, if you are listening, check your chicken a little better please!!  =)

But please, try this for yourself, I can't wait to try a few more flavors! 

Stay tuned for my next review...the pluot!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Its been a while, I apologize

Its been quite a while since I updated the website.  Things have been a little crazy.  Moving into a new house, getting things situated.  I deleted my msn account, so I lost all of my favorites, and I keep forgetting to come on here and update.  So instead of giving you the re-hash of my entire two months that we've been here, I'm just going to start fresh and call it a day.

The house is coming along nicely.  We have everything we want in the places that they need to be, pretty much.  There are a few things here and there, that still need to be gone through, but overall, the house is pretty much set up.  We've been enjoying our time in our new home.  I just can't wait to start decorating a little more, right now, our walls are bare.  Still, its a comfortable house, and its nice to have that.

We did manage to pick up the other car finally.  We ran down to Houston, picked it up and headed back.  So far, the car is doing okay, it hasn't had any major issues as of yet.  I do need to take the van in later though.  I think the brakes are acting up again.

We have also been visiting with family a lot more, well, my family that is.  Its been nice to visit, the girls got to stay with Memaw for an entire week, they had so much fun.

I will get on here more frequently now, I have to start working out again more regularly, cooking a lot more, and start taking pictures again.  The girls start school soon, and I will need to find more hobbies to keep me occupied!