Thursday, January 7, 2010

Party at the Hirschs

Yeah, I can't tell you if thats proper English, is it Hirsches, Hirsch's, Hirschs', or just plain Hirschs. Whatever, it is in proper english, I'm just going with the easiest I guess.
So tonight we are having our first party in 4 months. A platoon party, well ,at least we invited everyone from the platoon, who knows if they will actually show up or not. I LOVE entertaining, so I love having parties and having guests over, and since I made so much chili, I'm going to be feeding everyone chili cheese fries, chili cheese dip, and frito pies if they want them. Of course, there will be drinking, there will be laughing, there will be games. After this week, a party, or rather drinking is entirely necessary, lol.
So today will be a day of grocery shopping, cleaning and preparing. I'm tweaking the chili recipe even more. Adding a bunch of things to it, some cilantro, lime, ground sausage, a little beer, tomatoes, ect. It should turn out for the best. I'm excited! Post pics later!

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