Thursday, January 21, 2010

Its been a busy week...

So busy in fact, that I haven't been able to get on my blog, or anyone else's for that matter.  Lets see, Tuesday I had a doctors appointment in the morning.  Then I had to run to the commissary for a few things, and I finished right in time to grab the girls and go home, put away groceries, all that jazz.  Wednesday, I had to get up early so they could take blood from my arm...7 viles least I think it was 7, I lost count, but I know there were a lot, and I felt a little woozy after it all.  But it was done, and I ran home to shower, and change, and go to a bcsc meeting.  It was purse bingo, it was a lot of fun, but unfortunately for me, I didn't win any purses.  =(  Then I had to run an errand, and grab kids.
Today, I mostly cleaned up around the house and had a snap meeting for Autumn's adhd that I had to go to.  Ran to the mailbox (which btw, hasn't been picked up in like two weeks, eeek!), then grabbed my girls and Tristin (Sierra's BFF).  We came home, and I wasn't expecting my honey to come home, so I figured we'd watch a movie and hang out, just the girls and I, well that didn't happen.  My honey actually got to come HOME!  I was thrilled.  So meanwhile, D came to pick up Tristin, and we chatted...ohhhh for about two hours, he he.  Then my sweet husband came home and said...are you dressed, we are going out.  We wanted to go up to the mall and eat dinner, but because of gas, and it being later in the evening, we decided McD's was in order instead.  It was a nice dinner though, the McD's here are really nice.  I mean in the states, you can't wait to get in and out of a McD's, but here, they are soooo nice.  I mean I'm just going to have to take pictures to prove it, but the whole place looks nice, its clean, the people are so very friendly.  When we first walk in they give the girls some gummi bears, then we order, they will actually bring you the order sometimes, we eat, and nobody was worried about how dirty it was or anything.  I went to one in Edelwiess that had candles lit at the tables, and had real flowers in vases at the tables too.  This is NO ordinary McD's!  All in all it was a great night.  Although I do have a headache that is really bothering me, felt it coming on earlier, and I just can't seem to shake it.  Well, it is time to get the munchkins in bed...and me too, so I'll try to update later on this week, or since its Thursday at least sometime this weekend!  =)

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