Wednesday, January 27, 2010

GOOD morning!

This morning, as I was walking Sierra to school, I noticed something a little different.  The SUN was shining!  It was very very cold, but the sun was actually out...I think this is the first day this entire month that the sun has actually been out.  Immediately, my mood picked up, and I knew I wanted to take advantage of it somehow.  So I came home, grabbed the dog, and went for a little walk outside...

This is outside near my house, I just love the way it all looks with snow all over it!

I absolutely LOVE the pinelike trees in the distance covered with snow!

Lexi was having fun being outside, playing in the snow.

I should seriously save this picture forever and put it on my desktop...there is actual sun in Germany!

I think this tree used to be one tree, and then was hit by lightning or something, or it just grew that way into two tress, but I love this tree, its the backyard part of our building.

Run Puppy Run!

Another beauty

I love how this one turned out, if you look on the bottom left corner, you can tell I was totally trying to not get the dumpster in the picture!

Thats our building!

She just looks soooo happy doesn't she?

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  1. The sun was actually out, it was a miracle!!!;)


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