Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Polish Pottery

Friday, Paul and I woke up long before dawn, and headed out to Poland.  We woke at 3 and were out the door by 4.  Made it to Poland at around 11, and started our shopping excursion.  We were there until 3 and headed out to come back to our house.  We made it back at 10:30 pm.  It was a LONG day, and not very fun with all the driving, but the shopping was fun...even if Paul wanted more of the pottery than I did, lol.  In his defense though, he doesn't want me to want anything more from Poland, and he also wanted to spoil me for my birthday.  Unfortunately because it was a VERY quick trip, I didn't get any pictures.  And the area wasn't nearly as pretty as I remember it to be.  When I went up there last time, I didn't think the town was too horribly ugly.  This time though, maybe because of the winter months, maybe because things have changed there, it wasn't pretty at all.  When we got into the town, Paul remarked that he hoped we didn't get mugged...yeah, sorry hun!  Needless to say, we were in and out of town as soon as we could, I definately have my fill of pottery, thats for sure.  I bought a lot last time, but didn't know which pattern I liked the best.  A lot of it ended up being Christmas gifts, and I found the pattern that I fell in love with.  I still like different patterns, but my main pattern is daisies with ladybugs.  And now we have MORE than enough to satisfy our pottery cravings...

We found this rose pattern at a hole in the wall shop just outside of town, the guy that owned the shop makes this pottery himself.  You could see the room where he painted the pottery, and he also had the room where he actually made the pottery.  Then he had one little room with all of his finished products, it was really neat!  And I love the roses.
I think that not only do I have an addiction to Polish pottery now, but that my dear husband does as well.  This is it though.  We are leaving Germany soon and won't get a chance to come back, so I'm glad I have enough to last me for forever.  Plus my girls will eventually get this pottery someday and hopefully it will stay in my family for a very very long time!

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