Monday, March 8, 2010

Sesame Chicken

Its been a while since I did a recipe post...

Chicken Sesame Stir-Fry
1 cup water
dash salt
1/2 cup instant brown rice
2 tbl reduced sodium soy sauce
1 tsp lemon juice
2 tsp cornstarch
1/2 tsp sesame oil
1 tsp canola oil
1/2 lb uncooked chicken breast tenders, cut in half lengthwise (not breaded)
1 1/2 cups frozen bell pepper and onion stir fry, thawed, drained
1/2 tsp sesame seeds

In 1 quart saucepan, heat 2/3 cup water and the salt to boiling over high heat.  Stir in rice.  Reduce heat to low.  Cover; simmer about ten minutes or until water is absorbed.  Fluff with fork.
Meanwhile, in a small bowl, stir in remaining 1/3 cup water, the soy sauce, lemon juice, cornstarch, sesame oil; set aside.
Heat nonstick woke or 10 in skillet over medium high heat.  Add canola oil, rotate woke to coat side.  Add chicken; cook and stir 2-3 minutes.  Add stir fry veggies; cook and stir 3-5 minutes or uuntil chicken is no longer pink in the center and veggies are crisp and tender.
Stir soy sauce mixture into chicken mixture; heat to boiling.  Cook and stir until sauce is thickened.  Sprinkle with sesame seeds.  Serve with rice. (MAKES 2 servings, I doubled this recipe)

I really enjoyed this meal, the girls did not.  They took a VERY long time eating it.  I guess they still aren't fans of peppers and onions.  Paul, on the other hand, was very excited, talking about how he was eating chinese (of course, I don't really consider this chinese, maybe Americanese, but he was excited!).
The meal was over all great, and you really don't have to add anything to it.  You have your good carbs (the rice, and veggies), and your lean meat.  You really don't need anything else.  Needless to say that was a major plus for me!
Cost worked for me.  I already had the instant brown rice, I did have to buy more red-sod soy sauce, but no biggie, I use it a lot anyway, I bought la choy for .99, I had to buy a lemon, which was a whopping .57, I had the cornstarch, sesame oil, canola oil, the chicken cost 4.59, but I only used 2/5 of it.  The frozen bell pepper beggies were 1.39, and sesame seeds I had to buy for 1.89.  Overall the meal cost me 9.43, but I will be able to use the soy sauce, chicken, and sesame seeds again in other recipes, or if I make it again.  So it was definately a cheap meal to make.  I did double it though too, so that added some to the price, but not much.  I would have bought the chicken ect anyways.  It was a great meal, and healthy too.  It only has 300 calories, and in my book that makes it a double plus!

Guten Appetit! (German for enjoy your meal!)

PS Try not to go crazy with the sesame seeds...they came out a lot faster than I expected, ha ha!

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