Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Plane tickets

AND NOW...I have plane tickets.  In hand and ready to go.  Everything is coming together so quickly, and its getting more exciting by the minute.  BUT-its also a little overwhelming.
Paul left for the field this morning, so he's gone for the next 40 days or so, and I am doing the whole single mom thing again.  It LITERALLY had to start this morning.  My husband sweetly left me a pile of dishes in the sink.  He usually does the dishes after I cook, but he likes to procrastinate...so instead of dishes, he was still packing at 10:30 last night.  So of course, I fought with myself this morning when the alarm went off.  Let the kids get themselves ready and I could sleep...or do the dishes.  Being the freak clean person that I am, I got up and started on them.  I also did a few things in between, but it took me until almost 8 to finish them.  I started at 7.  THANK YOU HONEY.
So after that was all said and done, my stomach was grumbling and not being nice at all to me.  So I walked Sierra to school, took a shower and headed out to the place to get our airline tickets.  Came home and my stomach was assaulting me from the inside.  Cramping and grumbling and making me queasy, oh and heartburny (is that a word?).  I don't know whats up with the stomach thing.  Maybe I'm fighting something, maybe something I ate, who knows.  I do know that my head is screaming at me to jump up and down and do sommersaults all over the place, although nobody really wants to see that, but my stomach is saying a big fat...oh helllllllllll NO.  It seems worse when I eat too.  I ate bran flakes this morning with my nf milk, and some veggie sausages...the veggie sausages tasted extra spicy, and I could feel the heartburn coming on.  For lunch I had a little leftover steak and some leftover potato salad.  I can't even think about dinner right now, and its 6 in the evening.  I know I SHOULD eat something, but I'm really not looking forward to my stomach assaulting me again.  I did take some tums...no help at all, and I also drank a little pepto.  It helped, then I fell asleep earlier, woke up, felt good for a brief minute, then the heartburny feeling came back.  Sooo WTH?
Anyway-I'm sure you wanted to know all about my intestinal issues today, but hey, its there.  I feel icky, but at the same time super excited about our upcoming move back to the states.
Ohhhhh, one more thing...we got approved for another loan on a house yesterday.  We've owned a house before, so obviously we've been approved before, but its still exciting to say!

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