Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Jake and Vienna...

Well I finally saw the finale of the bachelor.  Honestly, I think The Bachelor is really a fun "reality" show, and besides there really isn't all that much to do over here in good ol' Baumholder, so I'm a little hooked.  Besides, Jake is complete EYE candy.  So that doesn't hurt at all!  Now there was a lot of controversy about him picking Vienna in the finale, of course I knew who he picked before I was able to watch it...the joys of being more than a day behind everyone else.  I was with the majority, not really liking Vienna, and I liked Tenely better...until I saw the finale.  Finally I realized why he went for Vienna...Tenely is perfect.  I'm talking sickeningly perfect.  As she was portrayed, she really does sh*t realistic is that?  But I know some people are like that, and its great for them.  But most people aren't like that.  Most people like other people with faults.  Faults make the person in my opinion.  Tenely was sweet, and cute, and too perfect, it was rather disgusting towards the end.  I'm sure she's a wonderful sweet person, I'm sure that she's great personally, and I wish her nothing but good luck in love because I really do think she deserves it.  But I also think that Jake didn't end up with her because she's sooo "perfect."  Vienna was fun for Jake, she had faults, but she was also honest.  I'm not sure they will end up together, but I know why he chose her in the end.

Whether or not they end up together forever is up to them, and I don't care one way or another, but I am sick of hearing everyone say how Tenely was wayyy better.  I don't see it.  The finale totally changed my opinion, and I'm glad that they are happy.

On another note...I NEED A LIFE!!!!  =)


  1. I couldn't agree more! I actually kinda liked Vienna... I think love needs a little bit of crazy, and Tenley was waaay too "perfect."

  2. I started counting how many times Tenley said "my ex husband" and lost count. She wasn't over it. I agree the more I see Vienna and Jake together..the more I like them together. He was a bit dull and I think he needed someone like Vienna to spice up his life. And I do like Ali for the next Bachelorette!

  3. I loved Ali, I think that she and Jake should have ended up together, but that was then. I think she'll make a perfect bachelorette! I also agree with you Katie, Jake is a bit dull and needs someone like Vienna to spice up his life!


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