Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Over it...

So if you joined me in my lil blog yesterday, you know I was completely feeling sorry for myself.  Well, I was.  I have those days.  Everyone should have those days.  So today, I'm over it.  I'm over the whole feeling sorry for myself thing.  I need to DO something about it, and stop feeling sorry for myself.  I need to just put my big girl panties on, and start truckin' through.  I do it for deployments.  Why can't I do it now?  Thats just it.  I can, and I will.
I did manage to lose 1.2 lbs between yesterday and worries, its probably just a flucuation in weight, or water.  But still it gave me a lil boost today, that I desperately needed.  I won't restart my workouts until Monday, because my tattoo is still sore, so I don't want to agravate the issue.  But I can work on my food intake, thats a definate.  Lately I've been eating an egg, on two slices of toast with cheese and bacon in the mornings.  Its yummy.  Yesterday, I was looking at the mayo that I put on the day before...did you know that mayo has cholesterol in it...I have to stay away from cholesterol (but not eggs, even though they too, have cholesterol).  So no more mayo for me on sandwiches period.  Mustard only.  I also glanced at the cheese....yup, there is some more.  The dr. told me to stay away from dairy except for lean dairy, and lean meats.  She said not to worry about eggs though.  I know eggs have a lot of cholesterol and its better to eat egg whites rather than egg yolks, but honestly, this keeps me full, and I'm going for a slower weaning rather than a drastic approach.  But I'm trying, and thats what matters.  I'm getting the foods that we shouldn't eat out of here.  I believe in moderation...BUT-I tend to binge when there is something I'd like to its better to not have it at all.
I was reading a blog about this other girls weight loss, and she eats a whole bag of vegetables with her dinner....thats amazing.  And talk about few calories.  I think I need to try that.  We usually have one bag between the four of us for dinner.  While that is still great, maybe I should make two, one for me, and one for my husband and girls.  Soon, Paul will be off to the field though, so I'll have to figure something else out.  Hmmm...
Now, one of the dire things, that may or may not help me, is that I have to cook somewhat cheaply.  We are trying to save money for our move back to the states, so the food bill has been cut.  So I have a few cookbooks that I use for dinners that are cheaper than your average meal.  I am going to eat healthier though, so I'll substitute when I can.  Tonight we are making a mixed bean and sausage minestrone soup.  I've already bought the sausage, and besides, we don't have turkey italian sausage here in Germany, so unfortunately, this won't be a great meal because of the sausage.  But I'll still make it work.  Everything else is still okay, it has onions, carrots, beans, broth, water, some pasta, tomatoes, and parmesan sprinkled on top.  No big deal.  I can make this work, I can do this.  It won't happen overnight, but I need to do something.  I'm miserable, and the only way that its going to stop, is if I DO SOMETHING about it.  So I am.
I am going to rummage through my cookbooks for more cheaper/healthier meals, and see what I can come up with.
Wish me luck....I'm going to need it!!!

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