Monday, March 29, 2010


We officially have our orders!  We should be back in the states sometime in June now, and we couldn't be more excited.  Now I have a million and one things to do since Paul is leaving for the field tomorrow...he'll be there until May sometime, so most of the moving appointments and whatnot will go through me.  Paul did a lot today, we have appointments to ship our car, and appointment to make an appointment for our HHG (I know its confusing).  We also got pre-approved for a house loan through USAA, and we talked to them about our moving insurance.  We still have so much to do.  Tomorrow, I'm going to talk to someone about getting airplane tickets, and get that squared away, as well as the animals, then I have to call around to see about shipping our other car, and call about people detailing the cars to get them ready to be shipped.  So much to do, and seemingly so little time.
This month is going to be absolutely full of things to do, and things I should do.  I'm a little anxious, and nervous about doing so much of it myself, but I'll get through it.  Paul will be back soon enough and then we can really start counting down the days!
I was expecting orders soon, but didn't expect everything to move quite so fast when we did get them...although I wanted it to, I guess I just didn't expect the army to get the ball rolling so quickly.
Sometimes the Army suprises you!

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