Friday, March 5, 2010

A or husband???

Today my husband popped a question to me.  Would I rather him come home for a four day while he's out at the field for two months, or would I rather him try to get 250.00 for family seperation??
Before I answer this, a lot of you will say, automatically...HUSBAND.  But for us its a little different trying to figure out which would be better.  Paul and I have been married for 8+ years.  We've been through multiple deployments, and a hardship tour.  We also have a pretty big move coming up, and can use all the money we can get.  We also shouldn't spend any of that said money, while he would be home on his four day.  It is during the kids spring break, so we would have time to hang out with him.  He would be a little tired from being in the field, but nothing out of the ordinary.  Soo...what to do?  Granted, I had about 5 minutes to make a decision.  He said he didn't mind either way.  What would you have done?  Take the money, or take the husband for four days?

Me?  I chose the latter.  I figured 250.00 isn't that much money in the big span of things.  Him being home, could potentially be a lot though.  We could get more things moving for the move, and we could go visit a theme park or something, do some more traveling that we want to get done before we leave here.  Sure we could use the money, couldn't we all?  But I think having him home will be more beneficial to us in the end.  I also don't want to be stuck doing literally EVERYTHING for this move.  I refuse to do it.  This is a HUGE military move...if we were in the states, its a different story, but here, I will not be doing everything on my own.  So he should be home, if for nothing but a small four day to help around the house.  Get things in the works, if he has his orders, he can start getting things going, housing out for an inspection, the movers, getting the cars ready to go, all of the little things.  So while it may not be the best four day ever, I think it will be more beneficial to us to have him home even for four days, rather than try to get 250.00 later.  Besides, every time he's gone, I become like a hermit, I don't spend money.  I don't buy as much food, I don't buy as much gas, I don't buy as much on our cell phones.  I also don't buy clothes or anything, and since we are going to the states, I don't NEED to buy anything more for the next few months.  I can buy it when I get there.  Thats so exciting to say, that I can buy things that I need over there!!!

What would you do?

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