Monday, February 1, 2010

What a busy day...

Today started off like any other Monday, making sure Autumn got ready for school, sending Autumn to school, waking up Sierra to get her ready for school, 5 minutes later feeding her breakfast, happened.

and more of this...

It was coming down so much that you literally couldn't see the roads in front of our house

THIS is what made me decide to call the school and youngest daughter isn't coming to school today...IS SHE SICK?.....No, I'm just not going to walk her to school in this, and I'm not going to risk driving my car up the hill in this...OH OKAY.
So that was that, Sierra got to stay home from school today, Autumn would have too, if she didn't have to leave almost an hour before her little sister everyday.

So we made our own snowday at the house.  She took a bath while I did a walk workout...very very minor workout, it was like walking one little ol' mile, but hey it was something.  Then I helped her out of the bath, and we painted her fingernails.  Then she helped me made some chicken fruit salad for lunch.  After that we decided to start on her crafts for valentines day.  This year I decided to do something different for the kids.  I don't want to just buy those cheap little flimsy papers that say something funny on them, we are going to make them all by hand instead.  We've already had a test run, and all of them are fairly easy to make.  Today we just expanded on them.  I got them from  It has a lot of fun and cute ideas.

This one is for the girls teachers:

We did manage a few others, but then I got really crafty.  My friend Lauren just got snagged as the FRG leader for our company.  Its a long story, so I'll just say that I offered to help her in any way that I can.  So, I was going to START on a few crafts so that we'd have less to do for tomorrow...BUT I ended up doing the whole thing.  I had the items I needed, and it all came together, very nicely.  I even got Paul to help me (he hates crafts, says they are excruciating to him, but he loves me, so he helped) so I wouldn't be up until midnight...not that we aren't getting close, but still....

First, I did the little football centerpiece craft, it took me two hours to do, and I did it a little differently, but I managed it, and if you want to try one, here is the website:

Paul and I came up with this little one on our own, just a cutsie little football field!

Oh and please please please keep in mind that I am not a huge fan of football.  I like a good game now and then, and if Paul were more into it, I might be too, but he isn't, so I'm not forced to watch the games usually.  But the crafts were fun to do.  I also tried attempted failed miserably at making these little football things that bakerella makes:
I truly have no clue how she got hers soooo awesome looking.  But I tried them, I didn't take pictures yet, but you'll see when I post them later when I finish them all, how utterly horrible they turned out for me.  I'm embarrased to post them, but I will.  I just have to go buy some more icing to finish the others.  They could probably go into cakewrecks as little poo's or something, ha ha!  Overall, it was a fun day, but I must be getting myself to bed, I have another busy day ahead of me tomorrow!

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