Saturday, February 6, 2010

Metz, France

 Today was so much fun.  Paul ended up not having to pull guard, so at the last minute, I decided, since we haven't been anywhere the last month and a half...that I wanted to go somewhere.  I've been wanting to check out Metz for a while now, ever since one of my friends told me about it...about 2 1/2 years ago, lol.  We just never had a chance to go.  So this morning, I got up, jumped on Paul and said, lets go to Metz...he looked at me like I was crazy, so I got up and got ready, got the kids ready.  Then he finally decided that sleep wasn't going to happen for him and he got ready too.  So we grabbed some breakfast, got some gas, and euros, and headed out.  We got to Metz around 11, and were just checking everything out.  First we went to go see the cathedral that was there.  Its beautiful, and I have to say, I love my camera!  I've never had a camera take such great pictures indoors!

Since we were in France we couldn't help to hit up some of the pastry shops...awesome!

Those girls are totally drooling!

Now I'm drooling!

Creepy Twlight Zone alley...queue creepy music now!

I told them to look like they loved each other...ha ha, fooled you Mom!  =)

Fishies!  Okay really thats just some shrimps and snails...ewww snails?  Yes, thats escargo, have you tried it?  No.  How do you know its ewww then?  I don't know, it just sounds ewww!
(conversations with kids)
(PS I have actually had escargo, a long long time ago when I was visiting my French foreign exchange student, her mom made us was really yummy, the taste, the texture, and the thought, was just not really for me)

Okay, here I got salivating again!  I told Paul to look at these, and told him to buy me one, he said...oh now you can tell all your friends that your sweet husband bought you a choclate heart with chocolates inside from France and everyone will think I'm great. (me = eye roll)  Seriously though, he didn't see them, I did have to point them out, otherwise, he probably would have bought one for me anyways!  He's so sweet, lol.

Fresh veggies and fruits, and if you've ever been to a commissary in Germany, you know how amazing these fruits and veggies look!

Take me to the Opera!  I actually just thought it looked really pretty, snap!

I'm soo glad I timed this correctly...ha ha, actually I got really lucky, but I love how the rays are bouncing off of the church!

All in all it was a great, fun day.  We finally got to get out of the house, out of Btown, and check out one of the many things on my to-do list before we leave good ole Germany.  I'm glad I was lucky enough to be able to visit such an amazing and beautiful city!

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