Thursday, February 4, 2010

Love it!

Living in Germany definately has its downs...not very much shopping is a HUGE one for me.  Especially when I'm the type of person that makes a beeline straight for the clearance isle of every store I go to.  How I miss Walmart, and Target.  Every now and then though, I come across a really great deal, and even with shipping, it ends up being too good to pass up.  I love buying the kids clothes at decent places i.e. Gymbo, Childrens Place, Crazy8, ON.  Sometimes, I see these cute little outfits, and I literally feel my heart squeeze.  Especially because I feel that it would be entirely too cute on one of my kiddos for them not to get.
I do hand me downs with the girls.  Autumn wears size 6/7, Sierra is in 5/6, so it works out pretty perfectly.  Though, Autumn is more into sporty wear, she likes wearing jeans and a tshirt, Sierra likes wearing dresses and tights, and skirts.  Crazy kids.  Sooo...when it comes down to it, sometimes I can't do the handmedowns, Sierra literally sometimes refuses to wear pants.  Yesterday, I talked her into wearing jeans for the first time in two months!  TWO MONTHS!  But I do really enjoy her being all cutsie and dressing up in pretty little dresses too, I won't deny it.  I love it!  Me personally, I'm a jeans and tshirt kind of girl.  I don't mind a decent dress every now and then, but I'm not a huge fan of wearing one too often.  I think the last time I wore a dress was for the bcsc dinner in November.  So yeah...special occassions type of person.  Or if I go to church.  I'm big on dresses in church...I'm not entirely sure why.
So I checked the mail on Tuesday, and got two packages, one was from Gymbo, and the other from Old Navy.  Both of which I got pretty good deals at.  I had 15% off my whole purchase at Old Navy, and I had a gymbucks coupon for 25 off $50.  I did get some cute clothes at Old Navy, but they were all for me.
So, I opened my package from Gymbo and felt that familiar heart squeeze!  I bought the girls two little valentines looking bracelets this year (I'd rather get my girls something other than candy for vday).  They are these cute little chunky bracelets, and I really think they will enjoy them.  I also got this absolutely adorable short sleeve dress, with footless tights for Sierra.  I want her to wear this dress very often if possible.  Its sooo darn cute!

She looks so cute in brown!

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