Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fun with Photos!

Yesterday started snowing

It didn't stop until last night sometime...the roads were covered completely

But this morning we woke up to almost cleared roads (it started raining and hiding all of the ice)

On one hand, I'm happy that the snow was starting to finally melt and we could see the roads again...on the other hand, driving in icy slush isn't much better than snow!

I went through the girls clothes last Friday, and came across some dresses that were too small...

Yes, this fit my youngest daughter about a month ago, and yes, it was bought as a dress.  Now my oldest daughter loved it as a shirt!  I love having girls!!!

Finally, I must not forget my promise of a post is the horror (that should have never been)!  But hey, they tasted really great, and in the end, the looks aren't what matters...

At least my Polish Pottery is very pretty...AND speaking of which, I want to go back to Poland for my birthday, I wonder if I can talk Paul into it?

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