Monday, February 14, 2011

Weight loss challenge (breakfast)....

I haven't had much in the way of motivation lately.  I've gotten least by my standards....and most dr.'s standards.  I have all of the tools to lose this weight, but motivation has been waning.  So I'm going to take this week by week, and do ONE challenge a week to incorporate.  This week I'm working on BREAKFAST.

I've noticed that since I started drinking coffee, I tend to skip breakfast, even if I am hungry.  So I am going to try to remember to eat breakfast, even if its just a small bowl of cereal, or oatmeal.  Just something, yogurt, fruit.  Whatever works.  This morning I had some honey nut cheerios with ff milk.  Measured, and actually ate less than the portion size.  I feel satisfied enough, and I feel a little more awake surprisingly now that I ate some breakfast.  Weird.

I am going to weigh myself tomorrow.  Which means its probably going to be a very BAD day for me tomorrow, lol.  I tend to be very depressed when I weigh myself.....SIGH. =(

Instead of being all mopey today, I decided to just incorporate my challenge instead.  I need some sort of motivation, and maybe eating breakfast will give me the energy I need to go on with my day.  

Did you know that most successful weight breakfast on a daily basis.  Its good for you.

Eat Breakfast to Lose Weight  (check out the article).

AND please, wish me luck!!  =)

I want to look like HER again!!!!! 
Under water, and nose bubble and all!


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  1. Good luck! ((& I have offered to walk with you no less than a dozen times, so just tell me when!)) I went shopping for a swimsuit today & ended up with a *gasp* 1-piece in a pretty large size. Grrr!


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