Thursday, February 3, 2011

Love for ice cream and pie....

My husband loves ice cream, my kids love pie.  I like them both, but I wouldn't say I LOVE them.  Yesterday, I got a package brought to my door...
Hmmm...what could it be???
 Schwans...have you heard of them?  I had...
 SaWEET!  Ice cream!  I have to say that this cooler was really thick, the ice is still frozen in it right now, after sitting in my cozy warm 70* house for about 24 hours.  I saved the cooler for my husband in case he wants to use it for his beer stuffs. 
 AND PIE!!!  Wow, I am one lucky girl!  =)  Thanks to this fabulous gal, I won ice cream and pie from her awesome blog!  It was delivered yesterday.  I was able to choose what I wanted for ice cream and pie, and since I had never had Schwans before, it was quite the feat.  They have some amazing looking ice cream and pie.  My mouth was watering as I finally decided what I wanted.  I finally settled on the Toffee Caramel Crunch ice cream, and Key Lime Pie.  First off, that ice cream just sounds deli-sh!  And the pie, well I make my own pecan pie, and my own pumpkin pie, and a lot of pies I've tried in the past haven't measured up, the apple pie, and the cherry pie looked so yummy too, but I'm just not a huge fan of pie, so I went for something a little it was really warm that day, and a Key Lime Pie sounded really good at the time, lol.

 Oh WOW, look at that.  You can see the pretty texture, and the whipped cream, not only does it look so great for my tummy, its very appealing for my eyes!  =)
So after our dinner of tuna helper, mixed veggies, and garlic crescent rolls (I don't homemake EVERYTHING!).  I sliced myself a little bit of this delectable looking pie.
Ahhhh-mazing!  It wasn't too sour, it wasn't too sweet.  It was perfect.  The whipped cream adds just enough cream to taste, but not take away from the key lime flavor.  The graham cracker crust tasted like I had JUST chopped it up myself and made it.  I don't like the graham cracker crusts that come in those pie shells, they don't taste right.  This one, tasted completely homemade, the quality was simply fantastic, and the texture was just perfect.

So I guess I may be a pie fan after all.  Now I have to try to make my own Key Lime and see how it compares.  Although, this one will be very hard to beat!

Thanks again to My South Central Texas Mommy, and thank you to Schwans as well!

I wish I could share some of this pie and ice cream with all of you, but I'm afraid that I am going to have to hide in the corner and eat it all..ha ha!  Have a good one!

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