Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Roast...

So whatever came of my roast...well, here is my plate of food for this evening...

It was...



I'm really happy that it turned out well, everyone loved it, I completed the meal with some betty crocker potatoes (they are easy, fast, and actually taste good), frozen green beans, and some Italian bread with a little butter.  Yum yum yum!!  Now for some pie!

BTW-had to show you my pretty pink socks in the background, I got them at Bath and Body works on 75% off clearance for a total of 1.83!  Awesome!


Then, I decided to make...this...
Some yummy quiche for breakfast tomorrow....mmmm!!  =)


  1. Thats it Thats it, steph can i come move in??? i love quiche and dinner looks alot better then the WW baked Ziti i made last night. I read your blog first thing my AM my mouth just waters for a big meal after

  2. Thanks Emmalee for coming to my blog and commenting! I love seeing your comments! The quiche turned out really well, although next time I won't use as much thyme in the recipe. What I do is find a bunch of recipes of the one that I want to make (like the quiche), just to get a general idea of amounts and what not. Then I just threw it all together. I don't measure my spices usually though, so I threw in a little too much thyme in my quiche, but it was still a success. But now I now for next THYME, ha ha ha! =P

  3. Hi Stephanie! stopping in to say HI and thanks for following my blog and entering the Handmade Giveaways! G'luck to you!
    The quiche looks great! You should post the recipe on your blog! If you do, come link it up on my blog in the recipe tab!

    Have a great day! Susie

  4. I read this yesterday and I forgot to tell you YUM!!!!!

  5. I want some so bad now!! lol It looks amazing!


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