Sunday, February 13, 2011

PW newest picture challenge...

This week PW (aka Pioneer Woman) is doing another photo challenge.  Her latest request is "love."  One of my favorite pictures I decided to crop, add things to, and mess with the color.  I am going to show you the original, and the new version.  Please tell me what you think.

 I really don't like to use photo shop too much on my pictures.  I'm not comfortable with it, and I think that sometimes pictures are beautiful without it.  BUT- I love how this one turned out.  It just adds a bit MORE to the photo.  Please tell me your thoughts, positive or negative, really I want to hear your opinions, I take criticism well, and would love to hear it!!


  1. I think the load of color in the original detracts from the girls -- I focused mainly on their hair accessories and reflective backpack straps. In the second photo, however, I was drawn in to their eyes and smiles.

  2. I like the original better. There faces almost look fake.

  3. I had fun for a minute and edited your picture. your girls are beautiful!

  4. Thanks for following. Following you back:)


  5. They're cute not matter what. I have to say I like the original better. All the color just seems fun.


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