Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I, Stephanie, am a proud new owner of the coolest cookbook for frugal military wives!

Have you heard of Erin Chase?  She is this amazing gal who came up with the idea of $5 dinners, she IS the $5 dinner mom.  YES...for only $5...go check her out: here

Her BRAND spankin' new book $5 dinner mom Breakfast and Lunch cookbook, just came out , and I just received a copy.  See, you know my little giveaway addiction...well its paying off!  I won this book, and I couldn't be more excited.  I glanced through it, and there are some amazing recipes in there!  I'm so happy that I was given a chance to win in her 12 days of Christmas giveaways, not only was it fun, but I won, and couldn't be happier!

Go check out her blog, like her on facebook, she also tells you about other giveaways, and she is still having giveaways on her site.  If you aren't a book person and like the internet better, go check out her blog, they are always posting MORE $5 dinner/breakfast/lunch recipes.  Its fantastic...ok, now I am going to go look at my book!!  Yayyyy!!


  1. that is awesome,any way to save money is a great thing. i am going to her site now i need to plan our dinner menu out

  2. have some good ideas for dinner menu but my problem is my husband is on a HUGE health thing right now so when i make dinner he askes how much cal, how much fat and protein. alot of recipes i find on the internet and books dont have it so i automaticly throw out the recipe. :( but on a good note i am going to start making my own taco mix hahahahah.

  3. I sometimes make my own taco seasoning! I know exactly what you are talking about though with the health issues. I too have that issue, I don't like to cook much that has over so many calories...sometimes I still do, but I really need to be on the lookout. Don't forget that there are a ton of ways to tweak the recipes. Like with my dirty rice recipes, try turkey sausage, or reduced fat sausage with brown rice (its better for ya), ff chicken broth, and the rest are seasonings. It doesn't necessarily have all of the information, but it will be a healthier recipe, and probably taste just as good!

  4. That sounds pretty awesome! Make sure you post your experiences about the book so I know whether I should go buy it, too!


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