Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hey Goodlookin, whatcha got cookin?

I told you not too long ago that I've been having to get a bit creative in my kitchen...funds, and now the cold have been limiting our foods in the house.  Luckily, we have a lot of food in the house, we just don't have a lot in the way of food that goes bad easily.  We have a lot of meats in the freezer, chicken, beef, roasts, sandwich meat, and tuna steaks.  We took out the roast a few days ago, and I haven't gotten to the store to get the veggies to go with the roast that I wanted to throw in there.  Yes, I have like no veggies (save the frozen side veggies) in the house.  FOR SHAME!!  So I got creative....
I grabbed a few spices
Rubbed them all over my roast, and threw it in the pot to sear the juices in...

Then I got two big spoons, and turned the meat, so both sides could get nicely browned and seared...

Now, you have to put SOMETHING in the crock pot with the meat.  I didn't have any beef broth, but I had beef granules, so I made up some beef broth, added 4 tsp of beef granules, and 4 cups of water to the crock pot...

Added the water...
Then stirred it all up!

I love the color of the broth...then I flopped the roast in...

See how nicely burnt browned it is?  Mmmm..looks yummy already!  I added some more of the above spices, and a little bit of dried minced onion....

Put it on low for some odd hours...I'm going to say probably around 8, and off I go to share this with you!

It smells sooo yummy right now in my house.  Its making me drool, and feel as if I'm starving, even if I just ate some um, breakfast.
I can't wait to see how it turns out, I'll be sure to take some pictures and show you too!  Wish there was a scratch n sniff on the crock-pot...wouldn't that be neat?  Then you could smell the wonderful smells wafting through my house.

Oh, and I can't forget, the cat that never leaves my side.  This is my chair, and this is where he lies 90% of the time...unless of course I'm sleeping, then he's in bed with me, usually snuggled up right next to me, or down by my feet.   Hope you have a purr-fect day!!  (And yes, I am aware of how incredibly corny I am)


  1. oh my it looks so yummy! Do you find your roast to be more tender when pan searring?

  2. Hey it's I got a crock pot Black Friday and have yet to use it! I need I love pot roast, that looks so yummy!

  3. Emmalee, sometimes it is, it really depends on the cut of meat more so than the searing though. I like to sear the juices into the meat, as well as the flavor of the meat after its been seared. I've tried both ways, and searing is always tastier to me by a long shot!
    Cynthia-try this recipe, it was sooo good!

  4. def going to try and sear my roast next time i make one. tonight i made the dijon burgers from that budget cookbook where it tells you how much per serving, they were yummy and VERY filling even the guys couldnt finish there burgers


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