Tuesday, February 8, 2011

For the love of books!

I am a lover of books.  I walk into a book store, and I'm like a kid in a candy store.  I could literally spend HOURS upon hours at the book store.  My husband gets a little annoyed with me sometimes because of this fact.  I usually only read right before bed as I have many other things to do (giveaways, blogging to my followers, twiddling my thumbs...oh wait, cooking, cleaning, taking care of kiddos, etc).  One of my most favorite blogs is having a blog hop (yes, another one), this one is a little different though, its all about books, and book related things.  Some people are giving away gift cards to places that you can buy books, others are giving away e-books, and others are giving away some wonderful, beautiful actual books.  Mmmm..love the smell of the freshly printed book paper, I love cracking the spine (I really try not to, but it happens on newbies), I love the act of reading, knowing that no matter what, I am learning.  I take something from each book, whether it be educational, taking me to another world, or instructional.  I am always learning new things.  I read all kinds of books too, cookbooks, how to books, fantasy books, romance, even kid books. (TANGENT TIME- I like to read a book before I give it to my girls, to ensure it doesn't go against anything we teach them.  I don't like the books that call other kids fat, or have other kids say that they "hate" something.  I don't want my children to grow up with the word hate, but I realize that sooner or later, they will choose their own books. SighAnyway, if you would like to check this out, I encourage you to check out the blogs giving away books galore, if you are interested, and try to win some for yourself!  I am going to try...lately I haven't had much success with my giveaways, but it will happen again I'm sure...if you enter enough giveaways, you are bound to win something, right?  Okay enough of my giveaway addiction, here is the link:

You are going to want to start with: I am a Reader not a Writer, and you'll work your way through the hop.  You'll have to become a follower of most of the blogs in order to win, but its worth it.  =)


  1. I LOVE books. My husband hates it when we go to a bookstore. I spend way too much money there and can usually read a book in a day or 2.
    Love the book bloghop too!

  2. LOL, that is exactly the way it is with my husband and I!

  3. OMG same here, but you know that. I can LIVE in the bookstore and any library. I try not to go in them when I'm with my hubs, he gets so annoyed. He even gets annoyed when I'm reading and he's watching tv. Always calls me a nerd lol. Thanks for posting this!!!

  4. I had to stop by and thank you for stopping by the blog for the hop. :)

    Oh, and I understand the husband thing. ;D I try to not take my husband to the book store with me as he gets bored real quick. But I do take my son, and if he is in the right mood he can get lost there too. But it seems lately as he is getting older, he is not into reading any more. It's a shame, as I really love it. And I use to read the books with him, or before him so we could chat on them. But seems as that time has ended, for now. ;D Thank you!


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