Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The weight loss journey of photos part 2...finally!

Then Paul got orders for Germany, our house went up for sale, my workouts came to a stop, my eating well came to a stop (it takes a while to prepare, and having to be on call for someone to see your house 24/7 is not ideal).  A few months later, and lots of stress, eating out, and no workouts later, we made a successful move to Baumholder, Germany.  After a few months, I had gained enough weight to annoy me:

Shortly after, Paul had orders for Iraq.  I again started working out, and eating better before he left.  Then slowly during the deployment, and trying South Beach diet for about a month, no diet, just doing bootcamp M-W-F, and doing workouts at the gym or at home for months, and then finally doing the nutrisystem diet, I slowly started looking better again.  When he left, I was 211.  Not as bad as before, but still not good either.

You could tell in my face, that I was losing weight, slowly but surely!

I only got to about 165 before Paul came home this time, and it was a much slower process than the first time.  It took me the whole year and then some (that time he was deployed for 15 mos), but I felt great afterwards.
Then he came home-we began drinking, eating to our hearts content, and being comfortable completely.  Soooo...I gained....again....sigh.  =(
Part 3 coming soon....


  1. You go girl!!!! You can see it just melt away. I'm having a hard time losing a few and my problem is I love food and I HATE to workout. Wish we were neighbors!

  2. I would love to be your neighbor, you have fantastic things, lol! Thanks for the compliment!


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