Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hmmm...what to do, what to do???

This would be my laundry room...and you see, I want to decorate every room in my house one at a time...why not start with the laundry room?  I love my washer and dryer..but I have to say those little drawers under the front loads...they don't do much, except you get an extra drawer.  I wouldn't have spent the extra $400 bucks on them, had I known at the time that they wouldn't much help with my back when putting stuff in the front loads...I also don't think next time, I would go with front loads, I am a traditional type of girl, but at the time, I wanted the best looking ones.  They are certainly pretty.  And efficient too.  I think that if we ever move, I will leave them with the house though.  The kitty litter box, has to stay in there, we don't really have any other place that it could go, and this is as good as any.  I like my lil clear trashcan for the lint and what not.  Oh and do you see those little rugs...first I got them for $2, I washed them, because I wash all of my rugs (with the exception of the big ones), and the white turned pink.  SIGH.
I have my WASH picture that has been featured on my blog on the left side of the wall.  I bought the cute little Laundry sign at Hobby Lobby.  And I can't keep the cat food in the garage because the mice will get it if I do.  I love the creamy coloring on the walls, the red is because we have a theme of a little bit of red in my house all over.  We have a beautiful deep red wall in my living room.  So what else can I do in here?  It needs something!  I don't know what?  Help!
Give me your suggestions!  Pretty please!


  1. I'm not a big fan of my front-loaders, either. I would scoot the dryer up against the washer & maybe build/buy a shelving unit to go over the litter box to hold detergent & stuff?

    I dunno... I'm pretty awful at decorating!

  2. I think you should use your cricut and make some cool red vinyl designs to put on your washer and the drawers underneath. The rugs I think you should remake with your own pretty fabric, and your BF can help you with the seweing. ;)

  3. I think you need to paint the room a bold color!

  4. Thanks ladies! Appreciate the feedback! The vinyl would be really interesting...I might just have to do something with that! Bold colors in the laundry room are great! And shelving to cover the litter box would be awesome, I might just have to build something like that!


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