Sunday, January 9, 2011

Check this out!

I got a Cricut expression for Christmas, I was very excited, but hesitant.  I didn't know if I'd use it.  Since I've been able to look around online and play with it some more, I am super excited.  Now a blog that I follow is having a giveaway for a cricut and three cartridges!  This is amazing, go check it out, and enter the giveaway.


Also if you live near a Michael's, they are having a sale on their clearance cartridges.  I don't really live near one per say, but I went down near Austin to check them out.  I ended up getting $720.00 worth of cricut supplies for only $90.  6 cartridges, and 3 jukeboxes.  I'm very excited, and now everyone I know will be at least getting hand made cards and the like!  I can't wait!  Go check out Michael's, cartridges for 9.99 is a STEAL!

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