Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mmmm, yum yum!

One of my resolutions, just about every year, is to eat better, and workout more.  I really enjoy cooking, but not when its just me eating.  So frozen foods I go.  I have a love for Lean Cuisines like you wouldn't believe.  I prefer them above all others, so far at least.  And I just had to tell the world about these new ones that I just tried, the Fajita-style chicken spring rolls.  Apparently with chipotle chicken (I don't like chipotle, but these were so yummy), corn, black beans, bell peppers, and onion.  Really you can't taste much of the peppers or onion, they aren't overbearing or anything.
Now I will admit that they don't look like they did in the picture once cooked, and prepared, and the serving size is really small, just three lil spring rolls.   About the length of my middle biggest finger.  
I was a little hesitant to try them at first, because I'm hesitant to try anything new.  That's just me though.
So I just had to tell everyone how yummy these things were, they taste incredibly bad for you, but they are soooo good, as long as you can stick with the one itty bitty serving...I would definitely suggest supplementing a salad with it.  I didn't know how spicy it was until I tried it, so I only made the one serving for lunch, spicy things fill me up really fast, so I waited.  These were only mildly spicy, I'm not a huge spicy fan.  I went to a wings restaurant the other night, and stuck with the mild because the hot is just too much for me!  So now that I'm done, and still hungry, I'll go make my second serving...errrr...I mean SALAD...yeah.

Lean Cuisines are great, I love them, and this one is amazing.  Thanks Lean Cuisine for making some yummy foods for those of us trying to eat a little better!
If you want, here is a coupon for Lean Cuisines so you can try them:  click here

Lean Cuisine did NOT pay me to say any of these things, nor did I receive compensation of any form.  I just enjoyed the product and chose to blog about it.

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