Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Yay, its back!

So guess what????  My Mom found my power cord for my camera battery at her house the other day (I knew it was there).  She sent it to me, and my batteries are charging as we speak I write.  Now I can take pictures, and love on my camera.  Now if only my computer weren't in pieces on my dining room table still, I'd be good.  No offense to my husband, but his computer is just NOT the same...mine is a 17 inch, his is a 15 inch, so I'm constantly typing things wrong, because I'm not used to things being so close together.  Plus his computer desperately needs to be wiped.  Its sooo slow.  Its so annoying to be on it, its that slow.  Dial up anyone?  Seriously that is how it feels.  I mean its pretty bad that the computer can't keep up with my typing speed.  I'm not the fastest type-r in the world, so this is just ridiculous.  Sigh...soon!  When Paul gets paid, I will be ordering the part immediately, and hopefully have it within a few days, then my hubby gets the task of putting my entire computer together!  At least he's home for this and not deployed.  If he were deployed right now, I'd lose my mind!  I wouldn't have a computer to be on, and I wouldn't feel confident enough to do all of what he's doing by myself.  No way, I'd take my own computer apart.  But he's the technologically saavy one in the relationship.
I have some pictures on my computer that I was going to post on my blog.  I made a delicious pumpkin spice cake a little bit ago, and I wanted to post the recipe, but its just not the same without the pictures.  So I'll wait.  I am going to go through the garage and figure out more stuff to put on craigslist.  We could use the funds, especially because of my broken computer part.  So get this...we can't have a garage sale...well we can....we just have to go by these idiotic rules.
First I found out from a friend that the city where we live charges a $5 fee to have a garage sale....I mean HELLO??  REALLY?  Its a garage sale!  Not only that, but you can't have any signs pointing to your said garage sale.  You can only have one in your YARD.  Again...REALLY??  I mean I live in a neighborhood.  I doubt I'd get even the $5 I'd spend to have the stupid yard sale if I had one sign in my yard.  I have seen people who have found loopholes though...they park their car on a street and their car has a huge yard sale sign in it.  So that's a plus.  Then I also found out, that if you fail to pay the fee initially, you can get charged a $750 fine.  WTF!!!!  Like I said, its a yard sale...and we are in Texas.  How dumb of a rule is THAT?  No wonder I've hardly seen any sale signs since we got here.  I was thinking that people would have yard sales all the time, they did in Dallas where my mom lives and they don't have dumb rules like this.  So rather than paying the $5, trying to park my car on the side of the highway, and maybe getting a $750 fine...I'm just going to start craigslisting everything.  I don't really want to go through all of the trouble of having a yard sale, if I literally have to jump through hoops.  We just aren't in a great area to have a yard sale, we aren't in the middle of town, or anything, we are kind of on the outskirts, so most people won't be coming this way for a yard sale anyway.  A neighbor of mine had a yard sale and I noticed that nobody was there...usually there is always SOMEONE there.  But not many people came by.  So craigslist it is.
  (if you look closely, you can see my bread maker too!)

Speaking of which, I big puffy heart craigslist.  Who wouldn't, its a free place to put on the stuff that you don't want or need anymore.  I've found some great items on there, and I find neat things all the time.  When we first got here, I got a bread maker that I love for $15, its great, works, and had its instruction book with recipes included, yay!  I also got my Kitchenaide stand mixer for 100 bucks!  Its blue, and purty...may not match everything in my house, but its a STAND MIXER!!  I've always wanted one, just didn't think I'd use it often enough to pay full price for something like that.  WRONG.  Its my new fav. appliance.  I find myself searching through recipes where I have an excuse to use it.  Lets see....oh we found our bar stools on craigslist for $60 for all four of them.  They match the house and are good enough for what we needed them for, plus when we moved in, we didn't have our table, so the counter top worked really well as our table.  So yeah, craigslist=awesome.

My cute stools for our breakfast bar!
I've been trying to find more things to do.  I'm running out of crafts.  =(  I think I'm just going to have to slow it down too.  Some of my crafts have cost more than I'd like to admit.  But I have some really cute things to show for it.  I have three walls in mind for some decor.  I want to do a plate wall...although the plates I have don't match yet.  So I need to search it out more.  I also want to do a cross wall, with different shapes and sizes of crosses.  Hobby Lobby will be my choice for doing that wall.  I'm going to just slowly start making my collection.  Last, I want to do an empty frame wall.  I have a very pretty red wall that would be perfect for them.  I just need to find nice frames.  So yard sales here I come!  Oh and goodwill, again, big puffy heart.

My Happy Thanksgiving banner hanging on my wall in my living room.  Made with cardstock, glitter glue, coffee filters, and stickers...oh and twine!

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