Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Well kind of...I am working on some projects, but I think I need to stop getting more projects to work on, because my garage looks like a hardware/craft store threw up in it...ha ha.  So I've managed to sand down the table I'm working on, complete with saw dust in my hair and everything.  I felt very accomplished, and dirty.  Primed most of it yesterday, probably going to put two more coats of primer on it today and start with my first coat of paint.  I'm so excited.  Its not a fancy table or anything, just the little table that I usually put my computer on or paint on, so nothing too fancy, but its my first piece that I'm painting, so I'm excited.  I just really really wanted to see how it would turn out and all.  It is taking longer than I thought though.  Anyway, I also have some frames to paint, I need to figure out what to do with one of my shelves, I probably need to sand and paint over it again.  I spray painted it wrong, and it has dribbles.  Lets see, what else....oh I have a backpack holder that I'm working on....soooo many projects so little time.
Since I really don't have a craft room, I've taken over the garage for now.  Luckily it isn't hot out there right now.  Plus the things I'm doing need to be done outside of the house.  My inside projects are done in the living room.

Let us ignore the messy clutter of my garage, most of that is crafts, and there is my table.  We have another one, so I can take a before shot of that one, because I will be working on that one as well.  I have a few mirrors to work on....multitudes of army crap that Paul has to go through...(we'll see if THAT ever happens), and so many more things.

Okay change of subject.  Yesterday was great, I went out with my friend shopping, and it was much much needed.  Who doesn't love some retail therapy.  We went to Hancock fabrics (which is just awesome, but a little pricey on the rotary kit that I was looking at, especially when I found it at walmart for 15 instead of 50...yikes).  Then off to Harbor Freight.  What a cool store, its kind of a guy tool store, but smaller, but hey, they give me free things, and I really can't complain about that.  Yesterday I got a free multimeter (because I had a coupon), and a free led light.  Oh I'm sorry, I did pay a little, I bought a .49 paintbrush, and paid a grand total of .53 for it all.  Sweet!
After the tool store, we went to Michael's which is the bane of my existence.  I could spend hours in there...and thousands of dollars.  But I don't have thousands of dollars, so I found a magazine, saw a craft I really wanted to do, and bought the items for it.  BUT Michael's won't let you use their 40% off coupons twice, like in different transactions...lame, and they also won't let you use your coupon on a magazine.  So I didn't buy the magazine there.  Then my friend M and I went to Sam's club, where we found that Prime very very expensive.  I also saw that they were sold out of the pink large lego!  Then we went to the goodwill, and I got some great things.  A super cute coffee mug, but it needs to be cleaned, so pic coming later.  A really pretty framed mirror that needs a little updating, and the perfect silver vase for my Christmas project coming up.
After that we were hungry, so on our way home, we stopped at Jack in the box.  The lady offered us free tacos...we wondered what exactly we had to do to get said tacos...but they were completely free.  We ended up getting four tacos, two burgers, and a drink all for under 4 bucks.  Wow!  So all in all it was a great day...but it didn't end there....
After I came home, I primed my table, waited for the girls to get here, and had to run to Home Depot to get a few little things.  Then I took the girls to their fundraiser night at Chuck E Cheese.  They had 10 free tokens, plus I spent $5 so that they'd have a few more tokens.  They got to play some games, play with chuck E, and they even got some silly little prizes.
We came home, ate dinner, and my day still didn't stop.  I forgot my spray adhesive for a project, ran to walmart, found it, and looked everywhere for that darned magazine I'd seen in Michael's, and when Walmart didn't have it.  I figured I'd just go home....I ended up turning around and going to Hobby Lobby thinking maybe they would have it.  I was in there a minute, found it and guess what....Hobby Lobby WILL let me use my 40% off coupon on a magazine.  So a 6 dollar magazine I got for 3 bucks.  I love cheap stuff!

Okay, so that was my rundown of my super exhausting shopping day.  Needless to say I came home and PASSED out!  I couldn't even keep my eyes open.  So today, is a project day, and I'm not going to go much of anywhere.  So wish me luck, and if you got this far...thanks, lol.

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