Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekend fun...

This weekend, I decided to finish up some of my crafts that I've been wanting to do.  I finished my wreath, and I am in complete love with it.  It was tedious, but easy to do.  First I bought all of my supplies at HL, big fat orange ribbon, stick wreath, fabric, a letter.  I started on the fabric flowers, I learned how to make them by going here, she has a great tutorial on how to make them.  Like I said, it was a tedious job, but they turned out so nicely when I was finally done.

 I got the idea for this wreath from Kristol over at the Magic of Ordinary things, she did one very similar, and I kind of just went with it.  Of course, I made it my own, but I have to give credit where credit is due!

 I am in much love with this.  I hot glued the flowers onto the wreath, tied my painted letter with the pretty ribbon, and used a command strip to adhere it to my glass front door.  Voila, awesome looking fall like wreath.  Now I have to figure out which wreath I want to make for Christmas....hmmm....
Next I made the girls their backpack hangers.  I've been wanting something to put on the wall so that they have a place to put their backpacks.  So Paul and I went to ReStore a while ago, and I found a few little things to paint, but I didn't know what to paint on them.  I saw another blog where a girl had taken some wood, and made a towel holder for her bathroom.  I thought, wow, I could do that but I don't need a towel holder.  So instead, I made this.  Hand painted the letters, drilled some drawer pulls into the wood, and sanded it a bit to make it look weathered.  The girls love it, and now they have a place to put their bags instead of just letting them go on the floor.  Nice!
I've been seeing these little magnets all over the place.  You take a clear rock that you can get at any hobby store, cut out some scrapbook paper to fit, glue on with some clear glue, then glue on your magnet, and voila, you have an easy peasy magnet!!  =)

I have a few more projects up my sleeves to work on this week, of course with Thanksgiving around the corner, I may not get to them all, but I can certainly try, lol.

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