Thursday, November 18, 2010

A finished project!

I'm so excited about my little table.  I <3 it so much!

I don't have any before pictures of the ACTUAL table that I finished, but luckily we have two of the same tables, so I took pics of my next table project, lol.
 Not the prettiest thing, that's for sure.
 But she has good structure, and good bones...bought her and her sister at goodwill for $20

 They both had some water damage, the stain was coming off, stains...yeah.
 Can you believe these things have been in my house for months now?
 Now look at her!  Don't mind the messes, or the Polish pottery coffee
 I sanded the crap out of her, then I primed her all over, and then painted her, she looks so pretty, and I'm so proud!

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  1. Super cute! I'm a little colorblind... is that black or a dark stain?


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