Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Do you ever get to the point where you are feeling so overwhelmed that you just lose all motivation?  I do, its been happening more often lately I've noticed too.  I mean I get overwhelmed with my couponing to the point where I avoid going grocery shopping.  I still have all of Sunday's coupons to cut, and sort in my book.  Then I have my blog, and all of the blogs that I follow.  Last I checked I was at about 400+ that I'm following, and I like to keep up on them.  Not to mention, my overflowing email that takes me a few hours to get through sometimes.  I also need to go through both girls rooms, and clear them out, my garage needs to be cleaned (AGAIN), laundry needs to be done, and everyday cleaning needs to happen as well.  Sometimes it gets to the point where I literally just want to get rid of everything and start over.  It just gets so overwhelming and then I don't do it.  I don't know why I get this way when I'm feeling overwhelmed, but I do...
I've always hated going to restaurants with a HUGE menu.  I get overwhelmed and usually end up picking something that I really wish I wouldn't have.  I think part of it came from when I was in Germany.  When we were stationed there, we pretty much had one or two places that we could shop, and most places only had a few choices.  It wasn't like going into walmart and seeing all of the new and interesting things.  It was the same old choices day after day.  I guess I got used to it.  I didn't like it much, but I did get used to it.  When we came back to the states, we went shopping, and that first shopping trip was awful on our bank account.  We just bought anything and everything we thought looked cool.  Seriously.
I still get overwhelmed.  Our housing wasn't big in Germany, we didn't have a lot of upkeep, and I have to say that we had two awesome women in our stairwell that really knew how to spruce a place up.  We always had some beautiful flowers planted, and our stairwell had plants throughout that were gorgeous as well.  In our house right now.  The lawn needs to be mowed, we have to find a part for our sprinkler (because it broke in the last freeze), and the outside of our house desperately needs some landscaping done to it.  Not to mention the porches need to be swept, probably pressure washed, oh and we need to caulk around the windows.
All of these things, I am willing to do.  I just get super overwhelmed sometimes.  Then I don't end up doing much of anything.  Lame right?  It doesn't help that I ask my husband, and he's a procrastinator with the best of them, so things don't get done sometimes.  I HATE procrastinating.  I would rather get things done now when I'm thinking about it, than put it off, because I've said, I get OVERWHELMED....


Oh, and did I mention that not only am I still feeling a little icky today, but I now have to go shopping tomorrow for April Fools day on Friday, Paul's platoon party on Saturday, and somehow manage to clean the house, organize the garage, and make this house presentable??  I know Paul...he's going to want to show people our house, that means Stephanie gets to go into clean demon mode.  Fun.

This all leaves me with one conclusion.  I need some sort of drug that gives me MAJOR motivation, manages to keep me awake all night so that I can get all of this done, oh and I need access to an unlimited amount of money please!  =)  Then maybe, MAYBE, I can manage all of this, lol....if I end up in the loony bin...this will be why!

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  1. hang in there stephanie, take one task at at time. i agree on the germany thing and not many options its crazy i spend so much time in the isles just looking to see if there is other brands or sizes nope you get whats there. make a list of what needs to get done today and what can wait till the weekend or the following week.


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