Monday, March 14, 2011

30 days of giveaways- day 11, 12, 13, and 14

I'm so sorry, its been a busy week.  Friday night I had a Philly Dinnertime party, it was a lot of fun, and I had a few people show up...more than expected even, so that was nice.  I was able to give out a bunch of items, more than one to everyone, and overall it was a great experience.  I hope to have another party in the near future.
Saturday, Paul and I had errands to run, then our good friends came over and we ate fajita's, yum!  Sunday, we lounged a bit, but I think I may be fighting off a sickness, been very tired, and really achy since yesterday.  Today, I have four kids since its the start of spring break (I have my own two, and their friends, that I watch).  So I'm really hoping to get them out of the house and to do SOMETHING sometime today.  Its Spring Break for crying out loud, lol!  Maybe I'll take them to a park, or a movie or something.  First I have to attempt to get rid of my headache, and take a shower.  Oh and the fence guys are here this morning, so I can't leave yet anyway. =(  So its been a busy few days.
I will post ALL of the giveaways I come across today to make up for not being around the last few days.  But not in my usual form, I'm just going to post the links for them today.  Enjoy, and good luck!!  =)

Popsecret Prize Pack Giveaway

First Monday Giveaway

My Wooby & Me Giveaway

Essance Giveaway (click on this link to be taken to giveaway)

Eden Fantasies Giveaway

Little Boys Bowtie Giveaway

SDH Craft Studio Giveaway

Secret Message Necklace

Elegant Girl Giveaway

Agoo Bamboo Leggings Giveaway

Bunny Hat Giveaway

Crocheted Dish Cloths Giveaway

Hand Painted Travel Mug

General Mills Cereal, Target GC

Milk Nursingwear Giveaway

I Love Bacon Cookbook

Schick Rock Band

Hiya luv GC

Alexa's Angels Bracelet

Sweet Designs Typography Art

La Posh Shop $25 GC

Simple Stencil Giveaway

Eye Buy Direct Prescription Glasses Giveaway

Crystal Falls Soap

Haven Book Giveaway

$25 GC to Publix

Dinosaur Train Giveaway

$10 off Baby Store at

Baby Bond Nursing Shirts

Perfect Stride Game Giveaway

5th Quarter Movie Giveaway

Whimsical Printable Parties

Wrap It Up Cricut Cartridge

Eden Fantasy

FuzziBunz Pocket Diaper Giveaway

 Juicy Gems Giveaway

Grandkid Rock CD

Barnyard Floor Puzzle

Pretty Neat Book Giveaway

21 Day Weight Loss Kickstart Book Giveaway

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