Thursday, March 10, 2011

30 days of giveaways- day 10

I have to be honest.  I cannot post ALL of the giveaways I've been entering.  Some of them take a very long time to enter, and by the time I'm done, I click the x button, and I'll be lucky if I find it again.  Not only that, but if I don't get extra entries for blogging, or just plain don't feel like it...then I won't.  So I am sorry.  There are really just so many giveaways out there, and I enter a lot of them, so when it comes time to write it all out on my can get long.  Plus it takes a while for me to write out about the giveaways I'm entering as well.  I am going to try to post 5 per day though.  I am going to pretty much keep it the same, but omit how many entries I'm doing.  I think it will at least take some of the time away that way.
Thanks for sticking around!  I appreciate all of my lovely followers!

1.) Crunchy Beach Mama: Cutie Poops giveaway (cloth diapers) (I did not personally enter this, but I know a lot of you have babies in the house, so I figured I'd post this in case any of you were interested!)
2.) Sippy Cup Mom: Kalorik Stand Mixer (again, I did not enter this one, as I already have a kitchenaid, but thought that some of you might be interested!)

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