Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Still no hot water...

I was getting excited last night.  For the first time in 6 days the hot water heater was actually HOT, I couldn't even leave my finger on it, it was so hot.
This morning...it was cold again.
Another thing that really sucks about living in Germany, you have to deal with no hot water a lot sometimes.  At least in Baumholder.  I can't tell you how many times we haven't had hot water, or we were warned that we wouldn't have hot water for the whole next day or something.  This time is different.  Its been 6 days.  I guess a water pipe broke somewhere, and they fixed it, but for some reason, our hot water has been sporadic at best.  We've been able to take a few lukewarm showers, the heat hasn't really been needed, so thats a plus, but I'm still doing dishes in lukewarm water too.  I like doing my dishes with hot water.
So today, I called the Emergency work order place, yet again.  I told them we still don't have hot water.  She said that they were going to check it again.  Seriously...for six days??
Then I decided that since its been sooo long that I was going to call the garrison commander.
I'm not one of those wives that likes to call any commander much less the garrison commander, for issues I can deal with.  But this is unacceptable.  I have never called them before, and so yeah I called them today.  The soldier or woman working there was very nice to me, took down our information and said that she would have them look into it.  Hopefully it works and our hot water gets turned back on again.
This really is another reason I can't wait to get back to the states.  I will never live on post again if I can help it.  We don't get a choice here in Germany, but if I can help it, we will NOT be living on post ever again.  Why should we have to go without hot water for so long?  Why should we live in crap housing?  Why should we have to deal with housing that anywhere in the states would be deemed the ghetto?  This housing is NOT nice.  Don't get me wrong, they've rennovated here and there, so it looks nicer than it actually is.  But to me, this is unacceptable.
Today is a beautiful day, I about to start my workout, and I can't take a shower...
Its okay though, I'll get through this, just like I always do.  I'm an Army wife after all.

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  1. That sucks...big time!! If it makes you feel better we are in the states & live in shitty housing...we have been out of water...like completely NO water for hours, boiler goes out in the dead of winter & wake up to a 50 degree house, mold growing on the windows that housing REFUSES to do anything about...they tell us to use bleach & it will go away (umm yea I'm from the south I know better!), leaky windows, ice going around the windows at least an inch thick & 2+ inches from the sill. Its horrible & we can't wait to move..then the whole bah bit! we pay almost 2 grand a month to live in this hell hole while mr i just got out of basic pv1 pays a grand and post still refuses to move us bc we "are adequately housed"


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