Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Knee problems

Yesterday I was working out to my lil walk workout.  I almost finished it, I was doing a runners stretch when all of the sudden POP...and I fell crying to the floor...oh it HURT!  My knee basically just went in a way it wasn't supposed to.  I'm not exactly sure what happened to it, but it felt like it popped out of place somehow.  Thats the only way I know how to describe it.
So I called my friend and asked her to take me to the Krankenhouse (the German ER), she dropped me off, I hobbled up the hill and into the ER.  Nobody was in there, and they saw me right away.  I had to get an xray...NOT fun when you have no pants on, let me tell you.  I had to get an ultrasound...again no pants.  And then I saw the dr. again.  He said that there was fluid build up in my knee, and it was twisted.  Hmmm???  Language barrier anyone?  So he told me that I needed injections, and it had to be bandaged, and elevated and iced.  Can do.  I asked what the injections were for.  One is the painkiller, and the other was for the muscle (steroid perhaps?).  Needless to say, I went into another room and had to pull down my pants yet AGAIN.  The female nurse was giving me the shots, and then the male dr. comes in.  Here I am standing, waiting for my shots, in all my glory with my cute lil pink Victoria Secret undies on, and in walks a man.  I didn't get embarrassed...I just kind of was like whatever.  I mean he's a dr. and while its not cool to have any male look at me other than my husband, I'm sure he's seen much worse.  Besides, I've had 2 kids and after the 2nd I can't really say that I care too much what people see anymore.  Its just not an issue for me like it was before.  Have I ever told you the story of the poor pvt. that came in to give me my breakfast right after I had Sierra??  Poor private having to give women who just had a baby, and breastfeeding,  their breakfast...again, I'm sure he's probably seen worse by now, but he was totally blushing as he left my room.
So back to my knee.  I got the injections, was told not to drive, or walk on it, and to keep it elevated.  HELLOOOOO, I have KIDS!!  I said, yeah sure, we'll see how that works out, oh and by the way I have laundry in the basement down the three flights of stairs (not big flights, but still).  So my friend picks me up, I came home, and was lucky enough to have my neighbor Ann get my laundry for me.  Thank you Ann!  My friend Danielle got Sierra and Autumn from school for me.  Thank you Danielle!  And my friend Lauren (who gave me the rides everywhere) got me some crescent rolls that I needed for dinner.  Thank you Lauren!  I feel soooo thankful to have such great people around me.  This knee thing hasn't been easy.  I'm just so lucky to have people who are willing to help.  On the other hand, thats just what wives do for each other.  As long as you aren't stubborn enough to NOT ask, people are almost always willing to help one another.  Just goes to show you that military wives really are sisters in so many ways.  We get it, we understand, and we help each other out when its needed.  I am one lucky person!

Now....who wants to put my laundry away for me.....ha ha ha ha!  JUST KIDDING!


  1. I hope you are feeling better soon. Did he take your leg and twist it like he did to my arm?? OUCH!!!! I think from what I understood that the muscle shot was a muscle relaxer...

    But I know how you feel.....I have two VERY active boys and two equally energetic Saint Bernards, live on the 4th floor and cannot lift anything more than 10 pounds....Hello? Where is my husband when I need him....

    Feel Better!!

  2. Sarah~ yes he twisted it, and it HURT. Maybe thats what it was, a muscle relaxer...that sounds about right, more so than a steroid.
    You absolutely know how I feel, I have the girls, but no big dogs, just little Lexi who can wait for Autumn to be taken out, only on the second floor, but I'm not supposed to walk or drive, still I think you have it worse, lol. YES- husbands are definately needed right now! How is it that everything happens when they are away??

  3. Hope you feel better soon!
    I have a similar problem with my left knee. A dr told me before this started that I have tendonitis (sp) in my knees & ankles from working jobs where I stand in one spot for long periods of time on hard floors. So I'm guessing this is just part of it. I will just be walking and my knee will give out and it hurts like hell!!! Sometimes...if I'm lucky its when I'm walking across the house and there is something close to catch me or that I can sit on for a mintue...but most of the time I'm walking down the stairs! I've fallen down our stairs probably 4 times from it. Each time I try to grab the handrail and end up pulling something in my arm. And of course everytime Adam is like stop playing around on the damn stairs..thanks love you too!!


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