Sunday, April 18, 2010

Feeling accomplished!

Its Sunday, the last day of spring break for the kids.  We had a fun spring break, no major vacations or anything, but it was still a good one.  Paul and I got to spend time together before he had to go back to the field, I took the girls to Holland last week, we all got to go to the movies together twice while Paul was home.  The rest of the time we were taking care of the moving preparations.  I'm sad to say that we shipped off the van...sniff sniff.  I'll miss it for these next few months.  Its so comfortable to drive, and I will definately miss it.  The car is just not the same, sigh.
Paul left last Wednesday, so Thursday was just a veg day, Friday I didn't really do all that much, but my friend Lauren came over, we drank and watched movies.  Saturday same thing happened.  But I have had to go without any hot water for the last four days, it was briefly turned back on this afternoon and so the girls and I were able to take some lukewarm showers, but its not on anymore...I guess we'll have to see if tomorrow is day number 5 or what is going on.  Its completely unacceptable to me that they could possibly deem housing like this fit for military families.  I have a feeling that if the guys were home and not in the field this wouldn't be happening, but I guess such is life.  I don't think I've ever had to go that long without hot water before...heck, the only time I remember going without hot water was when my pilot light went out in our house in the states.  They were out there that very day to take care of it.  The hot water gets turned off all the time over here.  I have NO idea why, but it does.
So today, I woke up, read some of my book, I'm reading The Mists of Avalon right now.  Its really good so far, I'm about half way through the book and I'm really enjoying it.  Then I worked out.  I haven't worked out in what seems like ages.  But I did manage to workout on Friday as well as today.  Its just a mile and a half in home walking dvd that I have.  Nothing too big, but it is at least something.  I was a bit sore on Friday, my calves for the most part.  Today not so much.  I just really need and want to do something.  I think I might head to the gym in the morning after dropping off Sierra at school even.  I'll probably start my C25K program again.  I love running, so hopefully it will work out.
I thought about my little "experiment,"  guess I'm too chicken to try it.  Plus I have all this food that really needs to be eaten before we leave this house, our fridge and freezer, and cupboards are almost bare.  Once they are almost completely bare, then I will just get what we need for the immediate future.  So before my tangent, I was talking about my day, after the workout, I bathed the kids, and myself.  Then I started going through the rest of the house.  Today I did the hutch in the dining area, cleaned up what I could, I also manged to go through all of our games, and I went through the entertainment center area.  I'm going to be getting rid of a lot of our board games.  Some we don't play, some don't have the parts, some are just boring...yeah, Battle of the Sexes=not as much fun as it sounds.  I also managed to catch up on all of my tv shows, make dinner for the kids, and get them to bed.  So I feel a bit accomplished today.  Tommorrow I start on the kitchen though....(cue scary music).
So I'm almost done going through ever square inch of this house and getting rid of the things we don't need or want for when we move.  I'm sure there will be more, but I'd rather get rid of the stuff I can get rid of now, and so I'll have less to unpack later.  I'm not a pack rat, and I can't stand clutter in my own house, so needless to say, its been a long time coming.  Its amazing how much crap people can come up with in only 3 years.
Our move is slowly catching up to me, but its also going by pretty quickly.  This month seems to be speeding by for me, and it will probably speed by the rest of the week.  I will be keeping busy, things usually go by quickly when I'm busy.  I also have the weekend all planned out.  Friday night will be movie night again, Saturday the girls have their Dance recital at the kids fest, Sunday we are all going to the Zoo.  I also have a few other things going on this week, the girls have dance Wednesday and Thursday, I have a BCSC meeting on Wednesday.  Then add the gym, showers, making breakfasts, dinners, and taking care of the kids and you have a week that should fly right on by!!

I'll update my progress on my workouts and such soon!

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