Friday, April 16, 2010

In awe of technology...

I've been in awe of technology for a long long time...I could never fathom how the internet works or even how lights work, but they do.  I've re-connected with many friends online from highschool and everything thanks to myspace and facebook.  But this is the most amazing one to date for me.
The other day, a friend became a friend of someone else's with the last name of Latham.  Which is my maiden name.  So I did a search of how many Lathams there were on facebook....28,000 aparently.  But then I thought to myself.  Well, my Dad was adopted by a man named Latham, so I looked up his original last name, and it only popped up with two people.  So I messaged them, I asked them if they were related to my Dads Dad, my grandfather.  I messaged them the first night, was dissappointed that I hadn't recieved a message last night, and then this morning, after emailing more people.  I recieved a message.  One of the people I found was in fact related to him.  My grandfather, or my fathers father is his great uncle.  I am thrilled to find this out.  But nobody has heard from him in some time, so that part is sad, but its also exciting.  Exciting to know I have more family that I never even knew about.  I'm hoping to keep in touch with them, but I don't want to get too hurt or anything.  Life is all about risks though isn't it?  I figured I'd take a risk and see who these people were, or meet them in a sense.  If I get hurt, I get hurt, but I'm of the mind that most people have some good in them, and aren't intentionally wanting to hurt others.  So we'll see where this takes us.

Adoption seems to be a thing with my family and now my husbands family.  My dad was fathered by this man, but adopted by another man, he wasn't adopted, his mother has always been there.  My Aunt was adopted though by my grandmother.  My husband was adopted by his parents.  His brother and sister were also adopted by his parents.  I have no problems with adoption at all.  I feel that the parent or parents loved their child enough to give them up and not have an abortion.  I always seem to think that maybe it wasn't the right time for them, or maybe they were too young and couldn't support a mouth, or maybe something else happened.  But obviously, the parent cared enough about the unborn child to find it another home.  Thats how I think adoption is or at least should be.  I'm not a believer in abortion, unless there are extenuating circumstances, but I do believe that everyone should have a choice.  Its just not one I would make.  I'd love to find out who my husbands biological mother is, to quench curiosity, to find out more about them medically, but to also see what my girls could potentially look like somewhere down the line.  I wouldn't ever completely go in search of it though.  Its something my husband would have to do for himself.  Still, my grandfather is apart of me, apart of who I am, so I feel that I should be allowed to search.

Its so interesting where technology can take a person these days.  You can find long lost family members, long lost friends, you can even find people you didn't know were in your family.  I'm in awe of technology and where it can take us.

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