Monday, May 24, 2010

The time is coming near....

Its getting closer and closer to moving day.  We've been getting the house ready for final inspection, cleaning almost daily because of the cat and the dog are shedding everywhere, I think I may take the vacuum to the cat here soon.  We've been spending as much time with friends as we can, and preparing ourselves for what is to come.  This weekend was a great one.  Friday night we had a party at the house.  It was a lot of fun, we also ended up going to Shooters for some karaoke, which was a blast.  Had Dylans birthday party on Saturday, then a huge bbq at the Hiers house.  It was also a lot of fun, and I'm so glad we went.  I didn't know if we'd stay too long because Paul and I were both a little hungover from the night before, but of course, it ended up being a blast.  Lexi even had fun, running around, and checking out the people.  The girls were spoiled with banana splits and popsicles, and it was just all around a good time.  Germany can be gorgeous when the sun is shining, and Saturday was no different.
Sunday we started the arduous task of cleaning the house, preparing for unaccompanied baggage to come through, and getting the house ready for that final inspection.  First we cleaned the basement, and the attic, we also cleaned our storage rooms while were there.  So those are both one more less thing that we have to do.  I also took down all of our curtains and rods, going to wash the curtains today sometime.  Then I started washing the windows.  The living room and kitchen windows are starting to look really great.  Now onto the other windows.  Windows are pretty easy, because I won't have to do them again before the week is through.  Then we'll be cleaning light fixtures, and appliances.  It was another beautiful, but warm day yesterday.  I love Germany when its warm though, so I'm definitely not complaining at all.  It has been making for some sweaty nights though, I'll take the good with the bad.
Last night I also watched Things we Lost in the Fire.  I'm unsure of the point to that movie, but it was okay I guess.  I just didn't think it came to a good conculsion in the end.  Lame!
Today we are running around finishing up a few more things that need to be done, and finishing up more on the house.  Oh we also took all of the nails out of the walls, that part, was not that fun...especially when you have chalk walls.
I am realizing that there are some things I'm going to greatly miss from here though.  Its not all bad, I may complain, but sometimes it can be really nice, and really great here.  I still can't wait to get to the states, but I will certainly miss some things.
On a final note, I have a bajillion houses that I'm looking through right now.  Wish me luck that we find a nice one for cheap!!  ; )

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