Monday, May 3, 2010

The Mists of Avalon

The Mists of Avalon was the only book I read in April.  I just finished last night, and let me start off by saying that it was a very LONG book.  Its a big one.  If you have an e-reader and want to read this book, I strongly suggest getting it on an ebook.  Literally my hands would cramp while reading it.  To top it off, the print is small.  Those are my ONLY complaints though.  This book written by Marion Zimmer Bradley was fantastic.  It takes the King Arthur court to a whole new fantasy level.  I would say the most main character of the book is a girl named Morgaine, in the beginning of the book, she's just a toddler at best, and the book takes you through her life, up until she's very old and almost everyone she knows has passed.  It has shocking parts, sad parts, funny parts, and magical parts.  You start to have love/hate relationships with some of the characters, and the storyline is amazing.  This is another book that I would highly recommend.  If you have the patience and the time.  Like I said, its a big book.  I believe it was 876 pages all together, and the writing is smaller than your average huge book.  Still, it was worth the read in my opinion.

I noticed that I never said anything about the other book I read, The River King by Alice Hoffman, this was also a very good book.  I finished it pretty quickly too.  It flows really well, it literally just has very good flow to it.  Its the story about a town, more so than the characters, but the characters add to it.  A young boy dies in a river, and it shares the way others look at his death, and how just one person can touch the lives of many.  After reading this book, I would love to check out more of her books.  So this one is another recommended read.

So far this year, I've read 12 books.  Now I get to start my new book today!  I'm going to read Are you There Vodka, its me Chelsea by Chelsea Handler.  A good friend of mine recommended it, so thats the next on my list!

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