Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Since I hit 6 months out post surgery, I've noticed a big slow down in the weight loss department.  Sure, I'm still losing, but at a rate significantly smaller than previous months.  Lets go over my weight loss thus far.
M1: 36.2 lbs
M2: 7 lbs
M3: 11 lbs
M4: 8.6 lbs
M5: 14.4 lbs
M6: 6.6 lbs
M7: 5.6 lbs
M8: (so far): 4.8 lbs

Now granted, my weight loss is going to slow down, but its slowed down so much that its gotten very frustrating.  The first month it is normal to lose an excessive amount of weight.  A lot of it is water weight, and your body being in shock.  The second month through the 6th month are fairly normal.  Then we get to month 7 and the start of month 8.  I'm not officially on month 8, but I'm nearing it.  Perhaps I'll lose the same amount as I have earlier in the month and things will start looking a little more normal, for now I'm just frustrated.  I'm still losing, just as much much slower rate than I was before.  Getting on the scale every day doesn't help, but unless I'm away or out of town, or busy that morning, its really hard not to see where I'm at.  My goal originally was to get down to 140 lbs before my husband comes home from Afghanistan.  That is another 26 lbs in just a few months.  Its starting to look unrealistic.  What was I doing before to cause me to lose so much weight?  My 14 lb month was amazing.  How did I do that?  It wasn't good eating, as a matter of fact, Paul had just left for R&R and things weren't going too well for me.  I filled my days being down, the holidays were near so I indulged in things that aren't so good.  Somehow I still lost 14 lbs?  What about the 11 lb month?  It was really soon after surgery, and I'd just come off of a stall due to the blood clot issues.  But months 6, 7, and so far 8 have been progressively lower loss wise.  I'm not near goal yet.  I still have a ways to go.  I've been scoping out the internet, researching stalls, plateaus, finding hints tricks and ideas on how to get through it.  Everyone has a different opinion.  Everyone has a different view.  I have to find what could work for me.
In other news, my energy levels are gradually going up.  I find I have more energy around 1 in the afternoon, so I think my workouts need to happen at that time.  Mornings haven't been working for me, unless I'm just walking with a friend at the park, but an actual workout will require more motivation on my part.  The weather hasn't been cooperating so I've just been doing things around the house.  Yesterday, I cleaned the entire house, did 6 loads of laundry, put it away, tried on clothes, and believe me trying on a bunch of clothes is a workout in itself.  My stepmom gave me a bunch of clothes.  Some fit, some aren't my style or are too big, and some are just a tad too small.  I'm keeping the ones I like that fit, and the smaller sizes, the others I will be donating to a Relay for Life yard sale coming up in April.  I'm very grateful for the clothes as I haven't really been given any this time around, and am in need.  I have a feeling that now that I have all these clothes all of the sudden my weight loss will kick start itself again, and then these will all be too big.  I wouldn't complain because I would be closer to my goal, but I also don't want to have to start buying clothing if I'm going to continue dropping weight.
So due to the frustration, I've been looking at diets, and I feel like I'm going back to old habits, being on the next fad diet or something.  I don't want that.  What I've done has been working for me, but I wonder if a more structured meal plan would be better for me to follow.  Still, a lot of meal plans don't take into consideration that I can only eat 2-4 oz of food at any given time.  I'm convinced that I could make some good money writing my own book and getting hints, tips and tricks from others.  Advice, meals to try etc.  There isn't a huge market for post surgery related books, but one of these days, even if its just for my own benefit, I may decide to make something for myself.  My own 'book' of all of these things.

Anywho~ here are some recent pictures of me!
This was me on my 29th birthday (2/28)

Trying to show that the scars really aren't that bad, you can hardly see them in this pic.  Please excuse the frowny face, I was more concentrated on taking a pic of the body rather than the face in this one, lol.

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  1. Steph your looking GREAT!! keep up the good work i know its been an up and down battle but you are almost there. big hugs honey!


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