Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Back to the weight issue...

Yeah, so if you've read any of my blog, you know that I've struggled with my weight, in the past, present, and probably in the future.  It's not something I enjoy doing, who wants to be fat?  I certainly don't.  So I've been working slowly at getting back to being fit, and healthy again.  I guess the stress of the move back to the states, the excitement of being in the states, the depression that came with not having many if any friends, the financial issues we've been having, and the fact that I tend to take change hard, all contributed to my weight gain since being back.  It started before we got back, but excuses, excuses, enough with the excuses.  I'm working at it.  I'm trying, no, I'm doing.  I've lost weight twice before, I know I can do it, and I have it in me to do it.  I just haven't yet been able to maintain it.  This time I'm hoping that I will.  I've started running/walking again.  I'm doing the couch 2 5k workout, as well as all of the typical things I do around the house.  I have weight watchers cookbooks, which have meal plans in the back.  I eat my breakfast based on the things that it says to eat.  Lately I've been eating some big shredded wheat (2 biscuits) with some brown sugar, walnuts, and raisins, oh and fat free milk.  That's a great breakfast for me.  I enjoy it, it keeps me satisfied, but breakfast has never been my downfall.  Lunches have been anything from a lean cuisine, to leftovers from dinner, to just something around the house that seems appealing.  Yesterday was nacho's.  Not the greatest thing in the world.  Day before it was Lentil soup, much better decision.  Dinners have been anything.  Like I have said, financially things have been tough for us, and it is not cheap to eat healthy.  Although, its so much better for me.  It isn't cheap.  I'm utilizing my coupons, and trying to go with the healthier options, or just eating less if it isn't so great.  Last night, I made my husbands favorite meal.  Tator tot casserole.  The name says it all.  Its NOT a great meal for your body, but it is delicious.  I have to work on it some more to make it healthier.  I did use lean hamburger meat, the fat free mushroom soup, green beans aren't bad for you, but I should have used the no salt added, or fresh green beans instead of the canned.  The tator tots really don't need to be nearly as much as I put on, and the cheese needs to be reduced fat or fat free even.  Soooo...all in all, yeah, I could have made that meal healthier.  Shoulda' Coulda' Woulda', isn't that the saying?
Today is a new day.  A better day.  I worked out for 24 minutes on my treadmill run/walking.  I only made it to 1.17 miles, about a year and a half ago, I could do 2 miles in 20 minutes, so I know its in me.  I just have to get there.  I had my typical shredded wheat for breakfast this morning.  I'm having some lentil soup, and a salad for lunch.  And I'm making some ww lemon chicken with angel hair pasta and artichokes, with a salad, and more veggies.  For dessert, I have a bunch of pumpkin that needs to be used up, and I found a sparkspeople recipe for pumpkin oatmeal cookies that I'm going to try.
I am going to do this.  I just need support, and encouragement.  I need people to keep me on track, and I need help getting there.  I want to surround myself with supportive friends and family.  I need to do this for myself, and for my family.

So yeah, this may not be my typical post on my blog, but it is what it is, and I can do this!  =) 


  1. Amen that eating healthy is not cheap! & believe me, my family is just as broke as pretty much every other military family!

    I have always been pretty thin, but I'm looking forward to getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight just as soon as I have this baby & get the ok from the Dr to start dieting/exercising. Maybe we can meet up & walk together!

  2. It would be fun to meet up and walk together! Maybe even do lunch or something!! =)

  3. Steph I totally understand where you are coming from! Since moving to Alaska I am almost at my 39 week pregnancy weight :-/ and I don't even want to say the number but for me it is ALOT! Adam says I look fine..but for me its not what people think or say its how I feel about and see myself. You can totally do it! I use quite a bit. She has some not so healthy recipes but plenty that you can make healthy..or healthier!


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