Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Favorite Ornaments...

 Hurricane jar filled with multicolored ornaments, LOVE IT!
 Hand painted by me, gingerbread man...I painted this when I was pregnant with Sierra, just before she was born.
 I absolutely adore our angel!
 Autumn made this when she was in preschool

 Disneyland a few Christmas' ago!

 Last year I bought this at a Christmas markt in Germany, I miss the Christmas markets!

 Another from good ol' Germany

 I love it

 Some Texas love anyone?

 The girls advent calendars for this year.  There are 25 bags, I bought some goodies from the dollar store, for 22 dollars, I had the brown paper bags from a long time ago, and I printed off the template from another blog.  I also dug out my ribbon in my gift wrapping bag and hole punched, then tied them, so the girls can't peak!  Now I just have to find the blog that I used to print the template, and you can have an advent just like me, for soooo much cheaper than buying one....or more.  BTW-we had enough for two more kiddos!  =)
I love the holidays!

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