Saturday, December 18, 2010

Let me tell you about the day....

We woke up...I made coffee, because who can live without coffee, right??  Then we proceeded with our day. (Is proceeded a word? it just doesn't sound right.)
 Our first stop was Lowes, I absolutely LOVE Lowes!  First let me tell you about the Lowe's build to grow classes that they have for kids.  My little ones love to make their little toys or treats.  This whole month they have been doing a Christmas train, it started with the caboose, the passenger car, and today they made the engine train.  Very cute!
Then we went to Walmart, Old Navy, Bed Bath and Beyond, and finally Target.  We didn't find the deals we wanted, so we spent a total of $0.  Walmart in HH was supposed to have a ubuild monopoly deal going on for only $5.  Old Navy, was supposed to have $1 scarves, Bed Bath and Beyond is just a fun store to go to, and Target will not price match things when there is a limited amount of time IE door busters etc.  L-A-M-E!!!
So then we ran by the Walmart in K, no luck on the ubuild monopoly, I was starting to get my hopes up, but we headed out to CC to go to a beer brewing store anyway for the hubs.  And guess WHAT?  We found the Ubuild monopoly for $5.....then I obviously I had a coupon for it $3 bucks off, so I got it for $2, I would have gotten it for just the tax, but I used my other $5 coupon early.  MEH!  I still got it for only $2.  It was $15 at Target.  S-W-E-E-T!!!!
Unfortunately, Paul's beer store, was not stocked the way it should have been.  I guess those snow storms are taking its toll.  Its okay though, he still was able to find things online for his Christmas present.  So we came home so he could research.  He really wants to try to brew his own beer for Christmas, so why not.  Its no more or less than what I would have gotten him, so why not?
After getting home, we decided to rent some movies from redbox.  Ohhhhh, I love redbox.  How can you NOT?  $1 for a movie...its great!  Better than netflix, (although I still like netflix), its still cheaper.  I can get whatever movie I want, and only spend $1 as long as I watch it that night.  Since I joined, I got a free thank you rental, so we got 2 rentals for $1.  Nice, huh?
Then off to goodwill I went, because I like goodwill.  ITS COOL PEOPLE!!!  I found two interesting frames, and a Nancy Drew book for Autumn for Christmas.
We then proceeded to Bath and Body works.  FIRST off, you should totally add them to your facebook, and sign up for emails.  I get free things all the time with them...ALL THE TIME!!  First we got their new scents Bali Mango, Fuji Passionfruit, and Hawaii Coconut.  They were just the 2 oz lotions, but we still got two for free, and I spent $1 on the last one.  3, 2-oz lotions for $1.08 (tax, blah), very cool if I do say so myself.  We did play the system a little, I printed two of the online coupons for free lotion, Sierra really wanted one, and I wanted one, I chose the coconut, and mango for Autumn as a stocking stuffer.  Sierra chose the passionfruit, and the girl was being nice so she just let us have it.  To be fair, I had the two coupons, but they are only supposed to give one per customer...not sure if Sierra counts as a customer just
We then hit up the other goodwill.  I'm telling you people, ITS COOL, and don't judge.  Yes we go to goodwill.  First off, the girls LOVE it.  They typically get a new book, or cheap toy or something when they come with, and I can see if there are any goodies.  We ended up getting 24 books (most of them for the kids, but some were awesome, brand new hardcovers for me), I spent 27 bucks on them all.  They had a military discount of 15%, so it ended up being a little cheaper than it could have been.  AND I have MORE Christmas presents for the girls...and they will literally NEVER know the difference.  

So, have I mentioned how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE saving money.  It just feels sooo great to save, even if sometimes its only a $1 here and there.  Every $1 counts when you are a military wife!!

Now I must move onto something completely off topic....I WON this ADORABLE set from cleverlyinspired, and I ADORE this site.  She has so many wonderful ideas for crafts, cooking and more.  I highly recommend her site, if you get a chance you should totally check her blog out!  Its literally chock full of awesome ideas!
But I is the ADORABLE set that I won for the girls:
 How cute is this???

 This was an 18 mos old baby girl dress...I had her wear it as a shirt.  She'll probably wear it once or twice more, and then we'll give it to my little sisters daughter.  It will be super cute as a dress too huh?

I also won a baby doll dress, and an actual dress that would probably fit Autumn, but Sierra can wear it any time of year.  Its the red plaid, but no ho ho ho on it, so she can wear it whenever she'd like, and believe me.  She's a DRESS wearer, she LOVES her dresses!  She can't wait.

I love giveaways!  Thank you cleverly inspired!

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  1. I'm jealous that you have a dress wearer. I love Goodwill, too... but I have never had much luck at the ones in our area.


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