Sunday, October 9, 2011

Army life....

I am proud all at the same time.  A few days ago, my husband re-enlisted his final time.  He is going INDEF.
We have at least another 7 years in this Army life.  I'm proud of him, because we both came to the conclusion that this would be best for our family.  The economy, some of our medical issues, and security all played a role in this decision, and it wasn't a decision we made lightly.  I haven't even told my family, and we haven't told his family just yet.  I'm not sure who to tell right now, or when I want to tell them.  For now, I've told my best friend, and that's it.  Its a major thing, and some people might think its a stupid decision because he will be deployed 3-4 years of the at least 7 that are left.  But it was still a decision that we felt was right for our family.  We have financial security right now, my blood clot issues, Autumn's ADHD issues, and neither of us are getting any younger, we also have to take into account the security that the Army provides, not only financially, but also the fact that I don't have to worry whether we will have a roof over our heads or food on our table.  The Army does in fact, take care of its own.  We may not be rich, we may not have everything we want, he may not be home everyday, but its still a good system with the Army, and so our decision was made.

So all in all, my husband is now a "Lifer."  I'm still dealing with the actual reality of this whole thing.  The fact that its actually done, is really kind of weird to me.  I'm haven't come to terms with it quite yet, but its the life I know, and nothing in that sense is going to change.

7 more years...sigh.

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  1. awww hun, hang in there! We are INDEF even though he hasn't re-enlisted for the last time yet. We have known since year 5 that this was going to be it for us. You are totally right though. That Army takes care of us, even if we don't always like! And just think, you'll have 7 more years to meet awesome me ;) <3 you girl!


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