Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Paintball and partytime!

So we are pretty widely known for our little get togethers/parties. We always have fun bringing soldiers over here to hang out, play rockband, and drink safely. Nobody is allowed to drive home if they are too drunk, or they just stay the night. It almost always ends up being a lot of fun, and we all get closer because of it. Since we've been over here in Germany, we've made a lot of new friends, we are enjoying our time over here, and we are opening our house up to the single soldiers and married soldiers alike. If things ever get too rowdy, said person is usually not allowed back, but things are usually pretty calm and laid back. We usually just end up playing rock band, and chatting the rest of the night. This past weekend was one of the more fun ones that we've had. We had a lot of people over, Tinsley, Pere, Bauman, Morphy, a new guy named Osborn, the Hedlofs came, the Hurey's stopped by, and Misty and the kids came too. We even had a new guy show up with a huge hurricane glass of green looking drinkage, lol. It was a blast.

We started off the day with going to play paintball, that was some fun stuff. The Dukes watched the girls for us, and we spent the day on the field playing. I have only ever played once and it was a brief speed ball during the spouses challenge. I thought it was fun then, so I went ahead and agreed to a day out to see how I liked it. I was with 4 other guys including my husband, who was trying really hard to include me, but I couldn't help feeling a little lost in the testosterone, lol. It was still fun. I didn't get too badly injured, of course, I hid a lot as well though. I did get shot a few times. Once on the back, but it didn't hurt at all, I got shot on my toe, the ball didn't break, but it hurt my toe pretty bad at the time. I got shot once on the knuckle of my index finger, yellow paint was everywhere and my hand was throbbing with pain so bad, I pretty much stopped playing that game. I got hit once in the mask, awesome since it doesn't hurt, just kind of suprising. And I got hit on my hopper (a term for the loader of the paintball gun). Everyone was tired and dirty and some of the guys had run out of paintballs, so we called it a day, dropped off the troops told them to shower and get ready to come over.

I really didn't realize how incredibly tired I was until we had everyone over here and I got to sit down for the first time that day. I could have probably passed out pretty easily right then and there. But I pushed through, had some shots of tequila with Lauren and Misty and we partied the night away. Somewhere in the midst of it all, the new guy Osborn was completely trashed, no puking though which is a great thing. Pere got cut by Dean, Pere always ends up bleeding at the parties, lol. Tinsley and the new guy stayed the night. Misty got mad at the guys for being dumb or something, and we had a neighbor come over to share the huge hurricane liquid. Definately some fun times. I love our parties, and I can't wait to have more!

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