Friday, May 27, 2011

Still waiting...

Well folks, the time came...the time went....nothing happened.  I am not a patient person, and it frazzles me when my schedule gets disrupted.  Basically my whole entire life is on hold at the moment.  Gotta love the Army.  IF you don't know what I'm talking about, I'm sorry, but that's all I can say.  If you do know what I'm talking about, congrats to you for knowing the way the Army works, lol.

Okay, seriously, not trying to be bitchy or anything, just a lil frustrated.  Sometimes this life is filled with emotional roller coasters...still, I wouldn't trade our life.  We have a great life, but I do still want to tear my hair out sometimes, lol.  ITS NATURAL!!!  =P

In other news, lots of big changes coming this way soon.  The girls will be out for the summer, and I have to figure out what to do with them.  I have some company coming in July, possibly more company in August, and things are about to get extremely busy for me.  For now, I'm biding my time in the waiting mode of this life...there are soooo many waiting modes...there is the good waiting, the annoying waiting, the I don't want to wait, but I have to waiting...sigh...I'm sure I'm missing some.

I'm sorry for being a downer, just grin and ignore me please!  Oh and look at the pretty picture of the lake...maybe we'll go to the lake this weekend...hmmm...

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